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Who knew there was a beach right next to the mountains?

Manila Creek Pond

We went to the beach today! The beach was at a park in Pleasant Grove called Manila Creek Pond. This park was built last year and features a black sand beach and fishing facilities. The beach covers much of the south side of the pond and has gently sloping, pebbly black…


Eagle Mountain Splash Pad

Here's a photo of the splash pad as you pull up. My sister lives about 2 minutes from the Eagle Mountain Splash Pad, but we had never been until today. It is located in the northwest corner of Nolan Park in Eagle Mountain. My boys loved it! There are dumping cups,…


Highland Splash Pad

Every summer we try to make a stop at the Highland Splash Pad, which is located in front of the Highland City building. This is a tiny free water park that is great for kids, especially ages 10 and under. There is a small waterfall that goes under a bridge (you…