Signal Hill Petroglyphs | Saguaro

Signal Hill Petroglyphs is a short hike to a very large display of petroglyphs in the west section of Saguaro National Park. This hike starts at the Signal Hill Picnic Area. We stopped and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade at one of the picnic tables. There are also trailhead restrooms in the Signal Hill area.

The trail leads to the Signal Hill Petroglyphs.

The hike to the petroglyphs starts just before the road splits for the Signal Hill one-way loop. There is a small parking area, and the trail hikes down to the right as you are facing the picnic area. This trail is only 0.3 of a mile roundtrip, but there is some climbing. 

First, the trail drops down into the dry wash. From the bottom of the wash, you can look up and see many of the Signal Hill petroglyphs on the black rocks above. Many people cross the wash and stop at a small viewpoint. From there, you can see most of the petroglyphs.

The trail is easy to follow.
Follow the trail around this picnic area.
This is Signal Hill. You will climb the trail around to the back to see the petroglyphs.
Cross the wash to continue up to the Signal Hill Petroglyphs.

The trail continues up and around the back of the escarpment. You climb right up to the top of Signal Hill. This climb is a bit steep, but there are stairs carved into the mountain side to help with the uphill walk. There is no drop, but the stairs are rough and uneven, so watch your footing. 

As you come out on top of the hill, there are a more petroglyphs that can’t be seen from below. They are very obvious sand-colored swirls and figures etched into the black rock. They stand out nicely for pictures.

We enjoyed walking along this trail through the cacti.
The petroglyphs are easy to spot on the black rocks.

A rail is put in place to keep adventurers from getting too close to the petroglyphs. So please remember to stay back and don’t touch any of the rocks as oils from your hands can damage them. Of course, making your own marks on the rocks is illegal and foolish. 

Make sure to respect the ancient artwork.
There are a lot of different figures.
The view is also very nice!

After viewing the petroglyphs, turn back and follow the trail downhill back to your vehicle. The hike is only 0.3 miles roundtrip and is easily done in 15-20 minutes. This is an easy stop to see some amazing petroglyphs that almost any kid can do. Add Signal Hill Petroglyphs to your Saguaro National Park Itinerary.

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