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We have a series of posts that details our favorite restaurant in each county. We started this series after a trip to Arches where we ate at the Moab Diner, our favorite restaurant in Grand County.


Moab Diner is right on Main Street in Moab and features traditional American food. Though you can get a hamburger here, there are many other choices including salads, steaks, and breakfast. The diner is also quite small, and though it is always busy, we’ve never really had to wait for a table. The diner also has a bit of a 50s motif, though you’d be pushing it to call it a themed restaurant. It’s simply a diner.

Moab Diner 2
There isn’t a lot of seating, but we’ve never waited long for a table.

Mom opted for a salad and it was far too big for her to finish. There were tons of fresh cucumbers, ham, turkey, mushrooms, tomatoes, sprouts, broccoli, cheese, and lettuce. Dad had a mushroom bacon burger, which is a rare combo. He was especially glad because they happily brought him brown gravy to dip his fries in. The boys had huge pancakes and mac-and-cheese, which was made by Kraft, so they were especially happy. We’ve tried lots of other things at Moab Diner, too (the menu is huge), and we’ve never been disappointed. We love that you can get breakfast all day. Mom often gets pancakes or french toast for dinner at the Moab Diner.

Moab Diner 3
That’s what I call a salad!
Moab Diner 5
The burgers are certainly a mouthful!
Moab Diner 4
Our youngest likes breakfast all day, so we like restaurants that make pancakes whenever.

Moab Diner also has ice cream. You can either get hard ice cream in a cone, which is really delicious and easy to take in the car, or you can order a shake. There aren’t tons of shake options because this isn’t a burger shack like some places, but the shakes are definitely delicious.

Moab Diner 7
There are plenty of desserts at the Moab Diner, too.

Every time our adventuring takes us to Moab we make sure to eat at Moab Diner! If you do visit Moab, make sure to check out our list of Things to do near Moab.

Moab Diner 6
Everybody’s happy when we find a good local restaurant.

[This is an unsolicited, uncompensated review for our series of favorite restaurants in each county.]

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