Snowflake Fountain at the Gateway (Gateway Splashpad)

Today we visited the Snowflake Fountain at the Gateway. Though I wouldn’t really call it a splashpad, there were a lot of kids in swimsuits with towels, and you are allowed to play in the spray.

The design is simple. A whole lot of little holes in the shape of a snowflake that shoot water in a choreographed way. Even our 1 year-old could appreciate it!

Every half hour, the fountain “dances” as music is played over the loudspeakers. The water is much higher and greater in volume, and though they ask you to watch and not play while this goes on, no one there really listened.

The Snowflake fountain at the Gateway is a great place to beat the heat. Come prepared and you can do the Clark Planetarium or the Children’s Museum, too!

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