Fossil Exhibit Trail in Badlands

The Fossil Exhibit Trail is a short loop on a boardwalk.

Fossil Exhibit Trail is a short easy walk in Badlands National Park. We were fooled by this trail, though, because we thought we were going to see some dinosaur fossils. We didn’t. In fact, we didn’t see any fossils at all. Let me explain:


Fossil Exhibit Trail is a boardwalk that makes a small loop. Along the loop are several displays telling the story behind the different fossil types found in Badlands National Park. Think of it more as an outdoor Visitor’s Center than a hike to see some fossils. The trail is only a quarter mile loop, and there are some pretty good fossils exhibits. It is flat and easy and wheelchair friendly the entire way.

Your hike begins at this sign.
There are fossil displays along the boardwalk teaching about the animals found in the Badlands.
We were really hoping to find a fossil, but we didn’t have any luck.
This was the boys’ favorite fossil. They love alligators.

This trail does not have any shade. It is out in the open, so make sure to wear sunscreen. We enjoyed stretching our legs on this short little trail. If you are looking for other hikes in Badlands National Park, check out our list of Family Friendly Hikes in the Badlands.

The hike is out in the open, so bring hats and sunscreen.
Keep your eyes open in Badlands National Park. You might find a fossil.


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