Constellations are really cool. We’ve put together several guides to help you be able to identify some of these constellations on your own. It’s so easy, even kids can do it!

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Our boys love using the telescope.

Telescopes for Kids

I got my first telescope last year for Christmas, and I was so excited. It is called the Funscope, and can be had for less than¬†$75. (Click each image below for more details).   As I tuned it in on Jupiter, I was stunned to see four tiny moons in a…


Messier Objects

So let's talk about Charles Messier and his famous objects. Messier was a French astronomer during the late 1700 and early 1800s. He became a famous comet hunter, and he used his small telescope to discover 13 comets.   As he searched the sky, he sometimes came across items that resembled…

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This is the Owachoma Bridge--largest in the park.

Natural Bridges National Monument | Family Guide

Natural Bridges National Monument is an amazing place in southeastern Utah, but it is not visited very often. This park was the first National Monument in Utah (1908), AND the first International Dark Sky Park in the world (2007). We found a lot of great adventures for families including: three beautiful…


BYU Planetarium

BYU has a planetarium on the 4th floor of the Eyring Science Center. We visited earlier this year for Astrofest, but we wanted to go to an actual planetarium show. The BYU planetarium holds shows on Friday nights at 7:00 and 8:00 during their Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. After the…


Corvus the Crow Constellation

Have you ever seen a pure black crow flying in the southern summer sky? I haven't either. But with a little imagination, I can see Corvus the Crow in the night sky. This constellation is simple to find, and very obvious. The sure fire way to find Corvus is to look…


Find Lyra Constellation

Picture taken from Telescope King Lyra is one of the most beautiful and interesting constellations. In Greek mythology, the Lyre belonged to Orpheus who was the greatest musician ever. It is said that Orpheus could charm anything with his music. He was one of just a few mortals (including Hercules) to…