Let me begin by saying that Delphinus is an advanced constellation. If you're still puzzling out Gemini¬†and Orion, you'll struggle to find Delphinus. It isn't very bright, and it is extremely small. But looking at this beautiful constellation makes my heart soar every time.   Delphinus is a delicate, perfectly rendered…



The other night I was with my boys under the stars. My five year-old looked up and said, "Daddy, I see Orion." Of course this was impossible in the early September evening here in Utah. Orion is a winter constellation and won't be up before bedtime for a few more months.…

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The Milky Way

I've been going for a long walk around my suburban neighborhood every night, and on most nights I can see the Milky Way. There is quite a bit of light pollution where I live, but you can still see the cloudy glow as it rises up out of the south.  …



Sagittarius is beautiful right now in Utah Valley where I live. It can only be seen from July- September, though, so you need to hurry to see it.   The constellation Sagittarius is just to the left of my favorite constellation, Scorpius. Both rise in the southern sky during summer and…


Corvus the Crow Constellation

Have you ever seen a pure black crow flying in the southern summer sky? I haven't either. But with a little imagination, I can see Corvus the Crow in the night sky. This constellation is simple to find, and very obvious. The sure fire way to find Corvus is to look…


Find Lyra Constellation

Picture taken from Telescope King Lyra is one of the most beautiful and interesting constellations. In Greek mythology, the Lyre belonged to Orpheus who was the greatest musician ever. It is said that Orpheus could charm anything with his music. He was one of just a few mortals (including Hercules) to…