Nine Mile Canyon

Just south of Price there is a beautiful drive up a canyon road that passes by scores of petroglyphs. Most of the petroglyph sites are roadside stops, so you don't even really have to hike. If you like seeing petroglyph panels, and you're up for a scenic drive, you should give…

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Gordon Creek Falls | Price, Utah

We found a new waterfall today near Price, Utah. Gordon Creek Falls is a short easy hike to a double cascade that is definitely worth the trip. It is only around 2.5 miles round trip, and you can stand right at the brink of the waterfall. To shorten the distance a…


Dino Mine Adventure Park in Price

We love finding fun parks in Utah where our kids can run and play. We found another great park in Price when we were on our way to adventure at Goblin Valley State Park. Dino Mine Adventure Park in Price is a fun "castle" park, as our boys call them, but…

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We love dinosaurs! This is an ankylosaurus.

Prehistoric Museum in Price (CEU)

As we passed through Price this week, we made a stop at the Prehistoric Museum in Price that is run by the College of Eastern Utah (CEU). This museum is divided into two sections. The west side of the museum is the Paleontology wing, and it's focus is on dinosaurs and…

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