Pothole Point | Canyonlands

Pothole Point is a very short, very easy hike just right for toddlers in the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park. This hike is perfectly flat, has sure footing, and features a few fun places to explore, which makes it a hit with the 5 and under crowd. If you have very small children, Pothole Point in Canyonlands is for you.

We hiked this trail with very young kids.

There is a small parking area for Pothole Point, and the trail is a loop hike. The loop runs out of the left end of the parking lot and circles the large mushroom structures in front of the car. Cairns mark the route, but you can’t really get lost. You can explore around and between the rocks if you like. The entire loop is 0.6 miles.

The trail heads up into the slickrock.
It makes a simple loop around the boulders.

Pothole Point takes its name from the small indentations that are said to fill with water after a storm. These indentations might hold water, but we’ve never seen them anything but dry. The trail wanders around the large rocks in a clockwise direction. There are no steep drops, no dangerous plants, and it’s not really possible to go off-trail on the slick rock. Kids can explore the interesting rocks and climb through and around them. This is a great place to play for awhile and let the kids move.

These holes will fill with water when it rains.
There are some big potholes, too.
Our boys like to walk around and explore.
The trail cuts back through the boulders to the parking lot.
We love the overhanging rocks for a quick stop in the shade.

Pothole Point in Canyonlands is marked as 0.6 miles, but we walked the entire thing in about 15 minutes. We stayed right with the cairns the entire way. Eventually, the trail turns and cuts through the rocks and heads back toward the car. It connects back on itself near the point where you first encounter the large rocks. From there it is a very short walk back to the car. We recommend this trail for families. It’s perfect for a quick walk in Canyonlands National Park. If you are in the Canyonlands area, make sure to use our list of kid friendly trails when planning.

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