Weber County DUP

Weber County is where many of my relatives settled after they crossed the plains and ended up in the great state of Utah. So I wanted to stop at the Weber DUP museum (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers), and see if there was anything about my family.   While I did…


Devil’s Toys

The devil has 3 toys in a canyon in Morgan county, or so the locals say. The first 2 are pretty cool, and if you’re in the area, you should check them out.   The first is called the Devil’s Slide. It is a really unique geological formation where 2 layers…


Ogden Nature Center

The Ogden Nature Center is a small nature preserve right in the middle of Ogden. It is a peaceful, relaxing place to spend a morning or afternoon. As you walk into the nature center, you walk past lots of different birdhouses. They have a contest every year to add new houses…

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On the north side of Union Station, you can climb on the trains. Our boys loved that!

Union Station Ogden

Union Station in Ogden is a rebuilt train depot that houses 4 museums. The great thing about Union Station is that you pay one fee, and you get to go to all of them. And with the price being $5/adult, $3/children 3 and up, we felt like it was quite a…


Ott Planetarium

Outside the planetarium with our purple Science Saturday bag!We found a really fun adventure at Weber State College in Ogden. On certain Saturdays throughout the summer college students open up the Ott Planetarium for games, activities, and learning. They call it Science Saturday. There are science activities throughout the building, and…

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