Yellowstone Playhouse

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On our biennial trip to Yellowstone, we stopped in Island Park, Idaho, to check out the Yellowstone Playhouse. The playhouse runs shows through the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This theater has dinner and a show every night. We ate until we were stuffed, and then we laughed until our sides ached! It was such a fun side adventure on our way to our favorite national park.

Sorry for the sun shine through this pic, but we love the Yellowstone Playhouse.

The Yellowstone Playhouse is located about 10 minutes south of West Yellowstone in the north end of Island Park. There is a large parking area and a nice new theater that has great seats for everyone. We were lucky enough to sit right up front since we booked early.

The doors open at 5:45, and we went inside and were shown to our seats. We got in and got our things settled just in time for dinner to be served at 6 o’clock. The food is served buffet style with one trip through the line, but there was plenty of food as the plates were large. Dad had the prime rib, which was excellent. Mom went for the country-fried chicken, and the kids had mac and cheese. Our boys did really well with the food, and they especially enjoyed the ice cream sandwich that was served for dessert.

The tables are are set up so everyone has a great seat.
The dinner was delicious!

At 7 o’clock the show started. It is a very family friendly show, with nothing that would make you blush in front of the children. In fact, they have a cry room where you can hear and see the show, but no one can hear your upset child, so they’ve gone out of their way to accommodate families.

The show that we saw was written by the owner and was a hilarious parody of Robin Hood. There were dozens of cultural references, our favorite being a musical number called “One Act More,” based on a similar song from Les Miserables. The show also included audience participation, so be prepared for anything! They were also performing a few other musical comedies this summer.

The owner of the Yellowstone Playhouse is awesome!
This show had us laughing the entire time.

At intermission, we decided to try a few of the treats that the Yellowstone Playhouse offers. The Mooseberry Ice Cream Soda was simply amazing. It tasted like a huckleberry float. Our boys had popcorn. We also tried some of the huge cinnamon rolls! They were soft and delicious. At the end of the show, the cast allows you to come and take pictures with them. It was a fun way to end our evening.

The treats were amazing.
We had a fun time at Yellowstone Playhouse.

Best of all, we laughed and laughed at this amazing show. The cast was engaging. The parody was hilarious. Our kids loved it every bit as much as we did. Make sure to give Yellowstone Playhouse a try!

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