Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair

We were invited to come visit the Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair in Orem. We had never heard of this local farm, so we were excited to visit, especially when we saw all the fun activities they had available. The Wilkerson Farm began in 2010, and they sell lots of produce throughout the year at their stand and at farmers markets.

There were plenty of pumpkins, as well as fruit and vegetables to purchase.

The Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair is a fun event that they host in the Fall. It is set up to look like an old county fair or carnival. Once you’ve paid the admission fee, all activities are included, so no additional tickets and fees are needed. You can even do the activities over and over again, if you’d like.

Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair has a cute set up with beautiful signs.
We loved the fair feel!

We had a lot of fun exploring the Fall Fair. There are big slides, small tractors to pedal around, a wagon ride, and plenty of spots for photo opportunities. These activities are great for kids of all ages.

The tractors were super fun for kids 10 and under.
These slides are zippy!
The tractor ride is simple. One loop around the farm, but it’s still fun!
We loved the fun signs and decorations for pictures. This sign lights up at night.

Some of our favorite activities were the rides. We haven’t been to a pumpkin patch that had carnival style rides, so it was definitely unique. There were two different rides: swings and a spinning ride like teacups. The swings go high and fast, so little kids can ride on a parents lap. The Fruit Salad spinner was fun, and just like other teacup style rides, you can choose how fast you want to spin and make yourself sick.

There are a bunch of swings so lots of people can ride.
It was so fun spinning around with the wind blowing through your hair.
The spinning cups were cute, and these boys spun themselves sick.

The favorite activity was the potato shooter though. Our boys had a great time launching potatoes at the tombstones. If you hit Frankenstein, you get to launch 5 more, and Dad was so excited when he nailed Frankenstein between the eyes. This activity requires some strength and was tricky for our 6 year old, but he enjoyed trying.

You shoot potatoes, or apples, at the targets. It’s a ton of fun!

Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair also has a 5 acre corn maze. We spent about 30 minutes wandering around inside trying to find our way out, but it was fun when we stumbled upon a new section, and we knew we were making progress. They have a number you can call/text for a map if you get really lost! There is also a mini maze for toddlers if you’d rather not wind through the larger corn maze.

There were many paths to choose!
We found all of the dead end signs. 😉
At the end of the maze, there is a map to show you where you’ve wandered.

We had a wonderful time and the workers were kind and helpful. The Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair runs mid September to October 31 all day (except Sundays) from 9 am -9 pm. Ages four and under are FREE. We felt like all of the rides and activities made it worth the cost, especially since you could go multiple times and spend as much time as you like. They also have different food trucks in the evenings for food and treats. Check out our list for other Fall activities in Utah.

We had a great time at the Wilkerson Farm Fall Fair!


Take the University Parkway exit in Orem (the one by UVU) and head West. Turn left (south) onto Geneva Road. Follow for about a mile until you reach 2000 S. Turn left onto 2000 S, and Wilkerson Farm is on the lefthand side of the road.

The pumpkin pyramid was a popular picture spot!

Tips for Families

  • The farm is dusty, so don’t wear your favorite clothes. You will probably want closed toe shoes as well.
  • There isn’t much shade, so wear a hat, and sunscreen.
  • Bring water and snacks for the little ones. We were super thirsty!
  • They have lots of fruit and pumpkins for purchase, so plan ahead if you want to take some of these fun farm items home.

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