Wild West Park in West Jordan

The Wild West Park has reopened with a complete remodel. This playground is built new and all abilities accessible with its cushiony floor. The park is a lot more open, too, so it is easier to see kids as they play. We checked out the new Wild West Park and loved the new changes.  

The Wild West theme is really fun.

Wild West Playground is located in West Jordan’s City Park, also known as Veteran’s Memorial Park, at 1985 W 7800 S in West Jordan. As we pulled into this city park, we circled around a large loop and passed 4 other playgrounds before reaching the Wild West Park. Each one we passed, my children would ask, “Is that it?” We finally arrived at the Wild West Park across from the library.

The new playground is modeled after the old Wild West Park. There are places that look like an old west town with a bank and jail. There is a train to represent Promontory Point, but there are also lots of new things to try. It has fun places to climb, swing, crawl, and slide. We couldn’t believe how many slides there were. There are also plenty of swings for kids of all sizes. You can spend a lot of time exploring. My kids especially enjoyed playing cops and robbers.

There were lots of places to run and play.
Our boys loved playing cops and robbers, especially because there was a jail.

The park has two different play areas: one for toddlers and one for ages 5 and up. There is a large play area with the big slides, spinning toys, a Zipline, and lots of climbing spots. We also enjoyed the new scavenger hunts, math problems, mazes, and search-and-finds right on the playground walls. These activities added some unique and fun ways to play.

There were so many slides!
The new Zipline is awesome!
The Wild West Park has tons of climbing toys.

The toddler area has smaller climbing blocks and a fun train area that is connected to the larger play area. The train has slides and a few different ways to climb up. We also liked the new music toys to play with in the toddler area as well.

The toddler area is train themed.
We loved the little activities throughout the park.

There are a few new additions to the Wild West Playground that we really appreciated. First, there are shade sails over the swings. This helps keep the swings from getting too hot. There isn’t any other shade over the playground so make sure to wear sunscreen. We also liked the new picnic tables that are around the park, which also have shade sails. Those tables will be nice in the summer. The new flooring is soft and wonderful. There’s no bark to shake out of shoes, and it is much more accessible to wheels.

The new flooring is great for kids of all ages and abilities.
There are shade sails over the picnic tables and the swings.

Our boys love the Wild West Park. It is one of their favorites to visit, and we love the new remodel. It reminds us of the new remodel at Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove. The bathrooms are right by this playground, and there is also another playground close by, so you can enjoy two playgrounds in one trip.

Your family will love this park!

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  1. Angela Sorenson

    Its really cool too because if you remember its monitored by the west jordan police by camera so your kids are safer

  2. Anonymous

    This park looks so much fun. Is the pavillion close by the playground? Want to do a bbq here:)

    1. Natalie Ockey

      The pavilion is near the playground, but not right next to it. You could see the children on the playground, but there is an entrance on both sides, so you’d need to make sure little ones know to stay in the playground area.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Sorry! We don’t currently use Facebook. We know we lose a lot of interaction (believe me, our neighbors remind us often), but we’re okay with it . . .

  3. Tiffany

    Wow, looks fun! When did you guys go?