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Undine Falls is a beautiful waterfall located just east of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. This waterfall is a roadside stop, and we’ve stopped many times to have a look on our way over to Roosevelt. On a recent trip, though, we discovered that there is an amazingly easy hike to view Undine Falls up close. This hike quickly became one of our favorite short walks in the park. 

undine falls yellowstone
Undine Falls from the other side!

The trail begins at the Lava Creek Picnic Area. This is a pretty little area with a stone bridge, picnic tables, and restrooms. After parking, cross the street (careful, cars go fast here!) and walk across the bridge. Make sure to cross first because there is no sidewalk along the bridge by the picnic area. The trail then leads up and to the left. There’s even a sign telling you about the Lava Creek Trail, which is much longer.

Make sure to cross first because there is no sidewalk to cross on this side of the road.
The trail begins right after you finishing crossing the bridge.
The trail is out in the open with no shade.

The walk to the brink of Undine Falls is only 0.4 miles, making it 0.8 round trip. It is perfectly flat except for the first 10 yards, which are slightly uphill. The trail wanders along the meadow through the sagebrush. There is no shade, but we saw several yellow-bellied marmots right on the path as we hiked. When we visited in June, the wildflowers were also gorgeous.

The trail is easy to follow toward the waterfall.
Wildflowers along the trail to undine falls yellowstone
Undine Falls hike is flat and easy.
There were lots of wildflowers in June.

Eventually, you will hear the roar of Undine Falls. The path splits, and a dimmer trail branches off to the left. Take this dimmer trail to the left for just a few dozen yards to the top of Undine Falls. If you have any little ones with you, make sure you take their hands, because it is an steep drop to the rocks below. We stayed well back from the edge and could still see the waterfall really well. 

Take the trail to the left at the first split.
Trail leading to undine falls yellowstone
The trail walks toward the river and waterfall.
undine falls yellowstone
Soon the trail arrives at Undine Falls.
undine falls yellowstone
We love the close look you get of the falls.

The Undine Falls trail in Yellowstone is perfect for kids and grandparents alike. (We had both with us!) Next time you are staying in the Mammoth area of Yellowstone, skip the Undine Falls Overlook and head down to the waterfall! If you want more ideas for things to do in the Mammoth area, check out our Yellowstone Information page. It’s full of hikes and activities in Yellowstone.

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