Things to do in Cody, WY

Cody Gunfighters in Cody, Wyoming

We recently took a trip to Yellowstone, and while we were there, we ventured out to Cody, Wyoming. We spent a few days in Cody taking in the sites. If you’ll be visiting the area, you can use our guide to Cody to help you plan your stay. Just click on the link for more photos, directions, and a complete review:

Cody Gunfighters Show: (pictured above) This Wild West show runs daily in the summer at 6:00 pm and is FREE. The show is family friendly and features some of the famous outlaws and good guys of the Old West (Annie Oakley, Doc Holliday, etc). Our children weren’t huge fans of the loud gun shots, but luckily we could cover ear!  Get there a little early to grab a curbside seat, or pay $2 for a chair. All proceeds go to charity.


Cody Cattle Company: Stop by the Cody Cattle Company, which offers dinner and a show (and a rodeo afterward, if you’d like). Good old chuckwagon food and fancy guitar picking highlight this fun evening.

The Cody Cattle Company show was a ton of fun!

South Fork Road: This is where the locals go to see wild animals. Look for elk, white-tailed and mule deer, moose, pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep, and mountain goats on this 30 mile drive through a beautiful winding valley.

South Fork road is beautiful and we saw a ton of animals.

Cody Mural: If you’re into LDS history, stop by the Cody Mural, which is built in the dome of an active chapel. There is a small museum and a short tour.

One section of the Cody Mural.

Buffalo Bill Dam: The visitor’s center is small, but the dam is large. Located a few miles west of Cody on the way to Yellowstone, this functioning hydroelectric dam is worth the stop.

The Buffalo Bill Dam is impressive!
The Buffalo Bill Dam is impressive, and FREE to visit!

Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum: This  is the main attraction in Cody, and your visit won’t be complete without some time spent strolling through the 5 different wings of this mammoth museum. Visit the gun museum, the Buffalo Bill musuem, an animal museum, and Native American museum and an art museum all under one roof.

Part of the Natural History Museum…one of the five museums in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

We did not attend the Cody Rodeo, but this rodeo is famous for running every night of the summer. This is another activity worth checking out when visiting Cody, Wy.

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