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Things to do in Logan Canyon

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2022)

Logan Canyon has lots of different hikes and picnic areas. It is a beautiful canyon to simply drive through, especially in the fall. The following activities are all found in Logan Canyon. If you are looking for a list of things to do back in the town of Logan, we have a list for that, too!

Stokes Nature Center

The Stokes Nature Center is located near the mouth of the canyon. There is a short little walk over to the center, and inside are some hands-on activities for the kids. You can also see a few live animals like a tarantula, as well as learn about the creatures in Logan Canyon.

Wind Cave

Wind Cave is a beautiful hike, but it is longer and an uphill climb, so it might not be a good adventure for young kids. The cave which is more of an open archway is awesome though, and a nice shady spot to rest after the hike.

Hobbit Caves

There are a bunch of little caves to explore that the locals call the Hobbit Caves. They are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the car, so no long hike to visit. And bonus, there is a little waterfall where you cross the river to see the caves. We love this fun stop in Logan Canyon.

Rick’s Spring

Rick’s Spring is a short little stop along the canyon road. There is a beautiful little spring with two caves. One is under the spring and you have to scuba dive to see it, but the other is a short little cave to the left of the spring. It will only take you a minute to explore. Make sure to bring a flashlight.

Tony Grove

One of our favorite places to visit in Logan is Tony Grove. It is a beautiful lake, and an easy trail walks around the lake. The lake is about 10 miles off the main canyon road, but well worth the drive.

Limber Pine Trail

Limber Pine Trail is an easy trail to this huge tree. It is actually about 7 trees that grew together, but still impressive. The trail is gorgeous and even has a Bear Lake overlook. We loved this hike at the far end of Logan Canyon.

One of the reasons we drive through this way so often is to visit Bear Lake. So if you make it to Limber Pine Trail, you are just a few minutes from bright blue Bear Lake. And we have a whole other list of Things to do at Bear Lake!

Bear Lake…The Caribbean of the Rockies.

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