The Train Shoppe

The Train Shoppe has moved locations to Gardner Village. The shop is a little smaller and a little different from what they used to have set up at the prior location, but we still had a great time driving the trains and enjoying the other small attractions in the Train Shoppe. This is a great indoor adventure for train lovers.

The Train Shoppe is an actual store where you can purchase model trains and other items. Half of the shop is set up with mini train parts and other supplies to set up your own track at home. The other side of the shop is set up with interactive displays, and this is the side we spend our time on.

The Train Shoppe is located in Gardner Village!
The Train Shoppe is an actual store, so you can purchase model train items, too.

Train Shoppe Activities

The other side of the shop has some fun interactive activities for families to enjoy. There are small model trains on display, and the cool things about these trains is that you can control them.

You will need to purchase tokens at the register in order to drive the trains. One token equals two minutes of driving fun! Once you put your token in, a small touch screen turns on and you can control the speed of the train, ring the bell, blow the whistle, and turn on the train’s lights. There are 3 or 4 trains to drive and our boys had so much fun!

The little machines accept tokens so you can drive the trains.
You can control the speed, lights, and sounds.
There are a lot of cool trains set up.

The Train Shoppe also has some small rides: a merry-go-round, a car, a wagon, and more. There is also a small shooting game. These rides cost a few tokens each and can be fun. My boys were more interested in driving the trains than the rides, but we did do one ride each.

Here is the area with the rides.
The old fashioned rides are fun.

Train Rides

The other fun addition to the new Train Shoppe is the outdoor train ride around Gardner Village. The train moves very slowly and takes a small loop around the village. For our train loving kids, going on any train ride is amazing. The conductor had some fun train jokes and there was music along the ride, too. The Train Shoppe train ride costs a few dollars. For current hours and prices, you can check their website.

The Train Shoppe train is right outside their store, but tickets are purchased inside.
The Gardner Village express drives around the village.
Our boys loved the slow train!

We enjoy visiting the Train Shoppe for a great indoor adventure. The activities are cheap, and it’s the perfect spot for train lovers. They also host birthday parties if you want to have a full train party! We love to visit Gardner Village for the different displays throughout the year. Our favorites are the Witches display in the Fall, the elves in December, the fairies in June, and the historic scavenger hunt and red, white, and blue displays in July. This is the perfect time to visit the Train Shoppe, too!

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