The Leonardo Museum

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2017)
The art lab

We went to the Leonardo this past weekend. Right now they are featuring the mummy exhibit, but that seemed a little expensive (and mature) for our little boys.

We went through the rest of the museum, though. On the first floor, there is an art lab. There is drawing, clay, and a few other projects.  On the second floor there are hands-on activities to explore science and colors.

The Leonardo is constantly changing their exhibits. We have been many time since we last wrote this post, and we have enjoyed it every time. For more details about the Leonardo, check out one of our other posts.

2017: Alien Worlds and Androids–runs from January through May, 2017.

2016: Mummies of the World

2015: This post gives a better run down of what is on each floor in the Leonardo.

There was a section where you learn about pixels and colors, like on TV and phone screens.


Making a movie.
Making paper airplanes

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