Moose Ponds Hike in the Tetons

We had spent 3 days in Yellowstone without seeing a single moose. The rangers there all told us that moose don't get seen much in Yellowstone anymore-- you have to go to the Tetons for that. So that is exactly what we did. We arrived at the Jenny Lake Visitor's Center…

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Yellowstone National Park

Trout Lake in Yellowstone

This may be our favorite hike in Yellowstone National Park. The destination is so beautiful, and we have seen so many things along the trail. But be warned: though very short, this trail is very steep and you have to take it slow. Those with health issues may want to skip…


Lost Lake Hike in Yellowstone

Lost Lake hike is a short hike in the Tower/Roosevelt section of the park that can be done as an out-an-back, or ideally as a shuttle if you have someone to move the car. The Lost Lake hike takes you from Roosevelt Junction to the Petrified Tree, both of which have…

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This is the point of Yellowstone lake where you arrive after walking the Pelican Creek Nature Trail.

Pelican Creek Nature Trail (Yellowstone)

Pelican Creek is technically a nature trail east of Fishing Bridge and north of Yellowstone Lake. The trailhead is found by driving west across Fishing Bridge and continuing for about a mile. There is a large pullout and a sign marking the trailhead right before the large area where the lake…

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Ice lake is quite stretches around further than we could see.

Ice Lake Hike in Yellowstone

The Ice Lake hike is very short and flat. We did it with all the 9 cousins ages 2-9, and all but the infant walked the whole way. It is a simple out and back hike to a large lake in the central part of the park.   The trailhead for…

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No one else in sight.

Duck Lake Hike (Yellowstone)

We have been expanding the Yellowstone section of our site this summer. We have a collection of friendly kid hikes here, and you can read an expanded version of each hike by clicking the link (not all expanded versions are available yet).   Duck Lake hike is found in the West…