Provo Rec Center Pool

The Provo Rec Center Pool is one of our favorite spots to go swimming after we spent the afternoon there. There is an outdoor pool area and an indoor pool area, and the best part is that you can play at both for one price. We are excited to share about…

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This is the tram car that you ride in to the top of the mountain.

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

We were up for a new adventure when we visited Grand Teton National Park on a recent trip. So after leaving the park we drove to Teton Village and rode the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram. The tram was pretty amazing, and we found out a lot about it. The tram takes…


Cherry Hill Resort

Have you been to Cherry Hill Resort? We decided that since it was their 50th anniversary we needed to go. Cherry Hill is a classic family adventure spot here in Utah.   Cherry Hill is located in Davis County just north of Lagoon and has lots of family friendly activities. There are…

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Go Cougars!

BYU Gymnastics

We've never been to a gymnastics meet, but we've watched gymnastics a lot during the Olympics. When we found out that we could go to a BYU gymnastics meet for free with our Pass of All Passes, we knew it was time. We weren't sure how the boys would take it,…

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Preschool Playtime was definitely a winner of an adventure.

Get Air Hang Time

Get Air Hang Time has been open in Orem for a few years, but we have never had the chance to visit. Then I heard that they had Preschool Playtime on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10-12, and kids get in for $2. Adults are $6, and they do encourage moms…

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It is beautiful even in the stadium!

BYU Football Game

We love BYU sports for our family, because there is no alcohol or cursing, and rarely poor sportsmanship. You can always count on a positive environment no matter the sport. Yesterday we went to a football game, but we've also attended BYU volleyball and basketball.   In our opinion, football is…