Martin’s Cove

Martin’s Cove is pretty far out of the way in central Wyoming. It is a neat spot, though, if you are road tripping toward Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. This site celebrates the rescue of the ill-fated Martin and Willie Handcart pioneer companies. In 1856 they got a late start on…


Family Search Discovery Center

On the first floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building there is a Family Search Discovery Center. This center is open to the public and there are two different sections to visit.   The first section is open to everyone, and there are many things to do.  For children, there are…


Social Hall Heritage Museum

In the early 1990s a tunnel was being dug in Salt Lake City. The excavators uncovered the remnant of an old stone building and knew they had happened upon something unique. It turns out that they had discovered the remains of the Pioneer Social Hall. This old building has become the…

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Here is Brigham Young's Gravesite.

Brigham Young’s Grave

Do you know where Utah founder Brigham Young is buried? We didn't. Then on our tour of downtown Salt Lake we were shown a small historical park where his grave marker and others in his family can be viewed. Brigham Young's Grave is just a short walk from Temple Square.  …


Oregon Trail Center Montpelier

We love the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier, Idaho. This is a great stop just a little north of Bear Lake. You can also continue up to Soda Springs and visit Formation Cave. The drive is beautiful.   The Oregon Trail Center is fairly new, and it actually contains three different museums. The main…


Logan Tabernacle

The Logan Tabernacle is open for visits most of the time during the summer. This beautiful building located right on Main Street in Logan is worth a stop if you've got a few minutes to check it out. The Logan Tabernacle is being renovated, and is currently closed starting in 2022.…