Lake Solitude

One of our favorite places to visit in the summer is Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We've reviewed this stroller friendly trail before, but today we did something different. We extended our hike and ended up at Lake Solitude.   There is a branch off of the…


Bourbon Lake

We love camping and hiking on the Mirror Lake Highway, and this week we found a new hike for our family called Bourbon Lake. We would rate this hike as moderate not because of the 2.6 mile RT distance, but because it is pretty steep.   The hike runs out and…


Wall Lake

There are so many amazing hikes along the Mirror Lake Highway, and we found another one last week. The hike to Wall Lake is flat, short, and very rewarding. The trail runs just 1 mile each way (2 miles RT) and has almost no change in elevation.   The Wall Lake…

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Bloomington Lake is beautiful, but busy. There is also an arch up in the rock walls up there.

Bloomington Lake

We decided to try out the Bloomington Lake hike on a recent trip to Bear Lake. We had heard that there was a gorgeous alpine lake surrounded by granite cliffs. The waters were said to be clear, and there was even a rope swing that could be used for a plunge…


Ruth Lake Hike

We found another great hike along the Mirror Lake Highway, which is fast becoming one of our favorite places in Utah. This one is called Ruth Lake, and it is right up at the top of the Uintahs.   The trail to Ruth Lake is an out-and-back trail that runs 1…


Teapot Lake Hike

Teapot Lake is another great hike in the Uintah Mountains along the Mirror Lake Highway. The lake can be viewed from the road, so this is a simple 1 mile stroll along the shore.   There is a narrow pullout for Teapot Lake (26.3 miles from Kamas) just before you reach…