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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park is almost like two entirely different parks: The North Rim and the South Rim. The two rims cannot be easily visited in one trip except by driving four hours and a long way out of the way. When you see the canyon, you'll know why! This post…


Grand Canyon Kid Hikes

Grand Canyon National Park isn't the ideal place to hike with children. The hikes are long, steep, somewhat dangerous, and unforgivably hot. We've rounded up our favorite kid friendly hikes so you can make the most of your time in Grand Canyon. Click on the link to read about each hike…


Trail of Time | Grand Canyon

Trail of Time is a 1.8 mile walk along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is relatively flat, easy, and appropriate for wheels. All visitors to Grand Canyon's South Rim should do this hike as it is informative, interesting, and safe. Location This Trail of Time is a one-way…


South Rim Trail | Grand Canyon

The South Rim Trail in the Grand Canyon is a great way to view the canyon. It runs twelve miles all along the rim, passing hotels, Visitor Centers, and thousands of people. We've picked our favorite part to give you a taste of what the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail has…


Bright Angel Trail | Grand Canyon

Bright Angel is a very long trail (12 miles RT) in Grand Canyon National Park that isn’t appropriate for kids. However, because Grand Canyon doesn’t have a lot of great hikes for kids, you can turn the Bright Angel trail into an acceptable adventure by hiking a little below the rim.…