Hermit’s Cabin | Marjum Pass near Delta

Hermit's Cabin is a very unique feature west of Delta, Utah. It is far off the beaten path, so it's not really worth a visit without some other adventures in the area. We paired this adventure with U-Dig Fossils, plus some other fun activities near Delta, and thought it was definitely…

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These buildings aren't under the water, but they are slowly crumbling away.

5 Ghost Towns in Utah for Families

Utah is full of ghost towns. We always enjoy walking through old buildings and speculating about people's lives in these ruined towns. On our adventures throughout Utah, we have come across some great ghost towns that are fun to explore as a family. All of these spots are easy to find…


Old Iron Town

Old Iron Town is located twenty miles west of Cedar City. It features a short hike past the ruins of a retired iron factory. There are a lot of interpretive signs along the way, which helped us learn about the history of the operation. Historic Old Iron Town is a part…


Osiris Ghost Town

Our boys have loved visiting ghost towns like Sego Canyon, Thistle, and Grafton. So when we planned a trip to Bryce Canyon, we decided to go through a tiny ghost town called Osiris. Osiris Ghost Town is well off the beaten path, and you shouldn't make a special trip for it,…


Thistle Ghost Town

In 1983 when I was just little, I remember the news being full of stories about a natural disaster¬†in Spanish Fork Canyon. A massive landslide dammed the entire Spanish Fork River, and the water started to back up behind it. Homes were evacuated from the tiny town of Thistle as the…

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The rusty old cars were popular with our boys.

Sego Canyon Ghost Town

Ghost towns can be found all over Utah, mostly the remains of old Utah mining towns that didn't quite last. Sego cropped up in Grand county in 1910 as a coal town and lasted until about 1955 when trains stopped using coal and dried up much of the demand. Sego is…