Sweet Candy Company Factory Tour

As of 2021, Sweet Candy Company will no longer have factory tours. We are sad that they decided to close them permanently. You can visit Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tours, which are nearby.

Sweet’s Candies has been making candy for 125 years and is still family-owned. Their factory is located in Salt Lake City just south of the airport. They make delicious candy, but we stopped by to check out the FREE tour at Sweet Candy Company.

Sweet’s is located just south of the airport in Salt Lake City.

The Sweet Candy Factory Experience (as they call it) is not your typical tour. You are not allowed to walk through the facility as they make candy. Instead a tour guide greets you and shows you the different areas of the facility on live cameras. We watched fork lift operators move candy around, lots of banana taffy being made, and licorice jelly beans receiving extra sugar. We loved being able to see what was happening that day.

They have preserved a section of the original floor.

After we spent some time watching the live feed, we also watched some videos on how Sweet’s makes the different candies. We were fascinated about the different techniques and recipes used, as well as the cool machines they have to help them cook and wrap candy. After we learned about each type of candy, we were able to sample one, too. This was an extra fun part of the tour.

We learned about how they make candy in this room.
Wait until you hear about how they mold the cinnamon bears!!
Sampling candy was the best!

We ended the Sweet Candy Company factory tour by walking around a small museum of candy, taking photos with all of the fun candy displays, reading all of the candy trivia, and shopping at the outlet store. There are also some informational videos you can watch including one on the Candy Bomber, which our boys enjoyed.

There is a small museum to look into with old candy and packaging.
In this area you can learn on your own about Sweet’s candy.
We read every taffy trivia. The facts were fascinating!

The factory experience took about an hour. We thought it was very interesting and fun. Our boys (ages 13, 10, and 7) enjoyed it a lot. There is a lot of sitting and watching, so this might not be the best experience for young toddlers. You will have to decide for your individual family.

We think this tour is a great family adventure.

The Sweet’s factory tour is free, but we did spend a few dollars on taffy in their Outlet store. They had some unique taffy flavors that we had never seen before like cookie dough, caramel apple, boysenberry, and banana split that we needed to try.

There were so many kind of taffy. We were amazed!

The Sweet Candy Company Factory Tour is by reservation only. They offer tours M-F, but differing hours. You can call them at or make a reservation on their website. You can also use that link to find out more specific information about Sweet’s factory experience.

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  1. Memory

    They closed the tours. 🙁 Sad! I was looking forward to it!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      It is so sad that they had to permanently cancel the tours. I was hoping they would start them back up again soon. Make sure to check out Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory tours. They are fun, too. And in the same area.