Sunrise Summit Park in Lehi

Sunrise Summit Park is a small park in Lehi, but if you pair it with Eagle Summit Park, you can have a full morning of fun. This park is located up the hill from the Traverse Mountain Outlets.

This park has a really fun playground. There are so many places to climb. My son and I had a great time climbing all over the different parts of the playground. There are some spinning toys, too.

So many different ways to climb and play at Sunrise Summit Park.
Our youngest loved spinning on this toy.

The highlight of this park is the huge slide. We had to climb the stairs to get to the top of this slide, but then it slides back down into the playground area. We did this over and over again!

The big slide is definitely the highlight of the park!

There are bathrooms at this park, but we were surprised there were no swings. It is a small park, and we had a wonderful time together. We played a game of cops and robbers, and no one was at the park when we were there. If you are looking for a new little park to visit, Sunrise Summit Park is a great one to check out. And make sure to drive around the corner and visit Eagle Summit Park at the same time.

Sunrise Summit Park is located at 2667 W Shady Hollow Lane in Lehi.

Sunrise Summit Park is small, but fun!
There are bathrooms and a few picnic tables at the park.





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