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We went to a fun restaurant in Salt Lake Valley right off the 215 called Stir’s Cereal. This may have been the most unique restaurant we’ve ever visited because the only item on the menu is cold cereal! There are 70 kinds of cereal, some common, and others that you may only remember from your childhood.

You can buy cereal by the bowl, but most people just get the unlimited bowl so they can sample all the cereal they want. We took this route and tried a lot of flavors. In fact, Dad tried 21 different kinds! Each time he only filled the bottom of his bowl and added a touch of milk, so that he could taste a little of everything (well, not all 70 flavors).

The displays for the cereals were cool.
Dad tried as many kinds as his stomach allowed him.
There is one section that changes out every month with different cereals.

All of the cereals are on display, so you can see what each kind of cereal looks like. They also have a variety of Meadow Gold milks to choose from including skim, 1%, 2%, and whole. You can even ask for almond or soy milk if you have milk allergies. Our kids were able to work the cereal and milk machines on their own, but younger kids will probably need a little assistance.

It’s easy for everyone to get their own cereal.
The milk is also easy for kids.

Stir’s is open all day long, so you can visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or even afternoon snacks. They also had some morning cartoons running that our kids were excited to watch. It was a bit nostalgic for Mom and Dad, too!

Bright windows lit Stirs Cereal nicely.
We watched a few Arthur episodes while we ate our cereal.

Stirs Cereal has both a food truck and an actual restaurant in Midvale. The food truck is mostly used for catering, but watch for it out and about. The restaurant was nice, because we poured all our own cereal and browsed around as much as we wanted. We enjoyed gluten free cereal, granola-type healthy cereals, and plenty of childhood sugar bombs. Everyone ended with a different favorite cereal. It was a really fun, unique dining experience!

This restaurant is a fun family outing.

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  1. Paityn

    Does anyone know if we need to buy tickets or if you just pick when you’re there?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Stir’s Cereal is a restaurant, so no tickets are required. You can make your purchases at the restaurant.

  2. Kodi

    What a fun idea! Do you happen to know the price range?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      It’s $10/bowl for adults for unlimited cereal and $5/bowl for kids for unlimited. You can also just buy one bowl of cereal for $1.99, if you just want one kind.

      1. Kodi