St. George DUP | McQuarrie Memorial Museum

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers’ museums are always a favorite adventure for us. There is so much history to see, and the old buildings are divine. The St. George DUP is unique because it is not housed in an old, modified home, but was originally built as the McQuarrie Memorial Museum in 1938.

The McQuarrie Memorial Museum was built in 1938.

The St. George DUP is easier to navigate because it was set up to be used as a museum from the start. The rooms are large and have many pioneer artifacts. The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have been collecting items since the early 1930s to fill in this museum, which has two floors.

The St. George DUP is a lovely old building.
large room with pioneer artifacts in the St. George DUP
The rooms are quite large in this museum.

There were some pretty cool pioneer items on display. Our favorite item is the only existing coat from the Nauvoo Legion, which was worn by Erastus Snow. The entire coat is hand-stitched and is in amazing condition. There was also a nice array of instruments from organs to bugles to zithers. Our boys liked ringing the bell that tolled beautifully throughout the building. We also admired Brigham Young’s bed that he used in his Winter Home, which is another spot to visit in St. George.

These original old coats were so rare to see.
They had lots of historic artifacts like this bed that belonged to Brigham Young.
an old cake on display in the St. George DUP museum
They have an old cake on display that is almost 100 years old!
an old piano from pioneer times
This old piano came across the plains and then lived on someone’s porch. It’s in amazing condition, considering its long life.

Our kids really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. They were surprised when they received their list of items to spy, that each list was different, so they were working independently. This helped them to help each other, while still working on their own lists. The lists also give a clue as to which room each item is in, but there were some tough ones we had to really search for in the museum.

Our boys enjoyed the scavenger hunt.
There were different items to find all through the museum on the scavenger hunt.
There were a few hands-on activities, but mostly just looking at this museum.

Make sure to stop by the St. George DUP while you are in town. We had a great time on our guided tour. The ladies giving the tours love their work and know their history! If you stop at the McQuarrie Memorial Museum, check to see if the Historical Courthouse next door is open, and go walk through this neat historic site, too.

For hours that the St. George DUP is open, visit their website. Admission is free to the museums.

These chairs were in the St George temple.
This quilt was hand stitched by many ladies who lives in St. George. It is beautiful.

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