Spooky Science at The Leonardo


For the past two years during the Fall, The Leonardo Museum has hosted an exhibit called Spooky Science. This exhibit is fun because it is spread throughout the museum. So as you explore the museums new or established exhibits, you will find spooky activities to do.


When you first enter the museum, there are some Spooky Science signs. Watch for the signs as you travel through the museum as they are a clue to the special spooky exhibits. In the atrium area, you can try out your evil laugh, make spooky sounds, and power up light bulbs. Nearby you can also use the green screen to make headless photos!

We had a lot of fun trying out spooky laughs!
This generator teaches a great lesson about LED lights vs. standard light bulbs.
We always love playing on the green screen.

You will also see a Tesla Coil displayed in the first Spooky Science area. There are demonstrations with the tesla coil every few hours, so make sure to listen to the announcements or ask when you arrive when the next one is scheduled. The coil creates enough electric charge to produce lightning. Our kids thought it was amazing!

The Tesla Coil is cool! It is loud so be prepared!

Upstairs they also have Spooky Science experiments in the science lab. No one was there when we went, but you can check the schedule online or ask at the front desk. There are also chances to make masks and flying ghosts in different areas. We loved the infinite ghost set up in the Math exhibit. How many of you are there?

We liked this eyeball that watched us in the science lab.
The infinite mirrors were a fun part of Spooky Science!

They have a new exhibit called Perception which is interesting and almost spooky! We had a lot of fun changing our perception about how things looked, felt, and sounded. You could get a virtual haircut, make sound effects for a movie, and read words that weren’t really words! This was a really fun exhibit that isn’t just here for the Spooky Science exhibit.

These images are part of the Perception exhibit…there are lots of hidden things if you know where to look.
We had fun using our different senses throughout the Perception exhibit.
The Foley Studio talks about using different objects to make different sounds on radio. We were lucky enough to see a live demonstration of some of them.
The virtual haircut was one of our boys favorite things at the museum today.
Our brains truly are amazing! We can read this sign even though it’s a bunch of mixed up letters.

The Leonardo has so many fun hands-on activities and our children love coming to this museum. It sounds like Spooky Science will be there every year, so put it on your calendar. If you’d like to read more about the other exhibits at the Leonardo, click here. Also, on October 17th the Leonardo will host A Spooktacular Carnival from 10 am – 3 pm with extra activities!

Check out Leonardo DaVinci in the Atrium!
This spider web has a list of phobias. Our 6 year old has a fear of buttons and we found out that it’s real, and it’s called Koumpounophobia.
These are the signs to watch for as you wander through the museums. They mark the spots of Spooky Science.


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