Things to do near Sol Duc Hot Springs

The Sol Duc Area of Olympic National Park is a small area, but it does feature a large campground and two amazing hikes. This area is located about a half hour west of Crescent Lake, so you can easily visit on a half-day trip if you are staying at Crescent Lake or even Port Angeles.

Though the area is called Sol Duc Hot Springs, signs as you enter actually list it as Sole Duck. It is nearly 14 miles to the end of the road, which is the parking lot for the key hike in this area, Sol Duc Falls. Along the way there are several stops that are worth your time. There are quite a few things to do near Sol Duc Hot Springs.

The Sol Duc area is beautiful.

Salmon Cascades

The first stop is seven miles down the road. There is a parking area on the right side of the road and a short walk to Salmon Cascades. Amazingly, salmon actually climb this small waterfall, but we weren’t there at the right time to see them.

Ancient Groves Nature Trail

At almost 9 miles down Sol Duc Hot Springs Road, there is a large parking area for Ancient Groves Nature Trail. We have written more about this short, beautiful trail that is rarely used. Take a few minutes to walk among the beautiful trees before hurrying on to the falls.

Hot Springs & Campground

Near the end of the road is a large campground and resort. The Sol Duc Hot Springs resort has cabins as well as camping spots, so there are lots of great options for lodging. Many people stay in this area, and it is a great jumping off point for the northern part of the park. There is a fee to soak in one of the Hot Springs. There are 4 pools: 3 mineral pools and one freshwater pool. We did not visit the hot springs on our trip. For more info on visiting, check out the Olympic lodging website.

Sol Duc Falls

Of course, the key thing to do on Sol Duc Road is the Sol Duc waterfall. This hike is one of our favorites in Olympic National Park. At just 1.6 miles roundtrip, you can visit a unique three-chute waterfall like none that we’ve ever seen. You can read more about it and see more pictures at the link above!

Sol Duc is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Olympic National Park. Plan to spend a half day in this area. You won’t regret it!

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