SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium: Coming Soon!

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2016)

SeaQuest 8

Did you know that Layton Hills Mall will soon be home to an aquarium? SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is currently being built, and is set to be completed late summer.


This aquarium is said to be different in that it offers a completely interactive, hands-on learning experience. The exhibits will include sea life, rainforest and tropical birds and reptiles, as well as some desert species. In many of the exhibits you will be able to feed and interact with the animals. They claim to have over 300 species! We can’t wait to meet all the different creatures in this new aquarium.


We had the chance to take a little tour of the aquarium and attend the “Meet the Mermaids” event this past weekend. We were actually out of town, but my sister went in our stead and is guest posting for us about the event.


The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is located on the lower level under the food court, and right next to Gymboree and the play area. We went on a behind the scenes tour (which at the moment is a huge area with some walls and a dream!). We walked the space as zoologist Steven explained the different areas.

First up will be a giant octopus which you can touch! And if you have a token you can feed it. There will be a rainforest area, Egyptian desert area featuring a giant sulcata tortoise, Caribbean cove where there will be swimming with sting rays and then a shark feeding area, and an aviary (where you can learn how to interact and then hold different birds.

SeaQuest 3

My kids loved touching all the animals.

The aquarium is hoping to open in late August. If you buy a pass now it doesn’t start counting your year until your first visit and you’ll get 10% off! (see below for 10% off promotion). They are also debating having a few member only days when they first open.

The goal of the aquarium is to be very hands on and definitely unique. You will have to buy tokens for feedings and the snorkeling, but the other exhibits are included in the membership.

They will also have a birthday room. The party includes a cake, a gift for up to 10 kids and then a guided tour and some other activities for the kiddos.

After our tour of the aquarium, we went to meet the animals. We were able to meet Zoey (African gray parrot), Angel and Mango (bull pit albino pythons), Iggy (green iguana), and Polly (chameleon). The kids were able to feed the parrot, and hold it. They touched and some of them even held the snakes. We looked at the iguana but we couldn’t touch him because he was shedding his skin. Lastly we saw the chameleon, which was gorgeous, and were able to touch that. My kids were surprised at how soft the skin was.

SeaQuest 1

Even I got to hold the parrot!

SeaQuest 2

My 9 year-old was super brave with the snakes!

SeaQuest 4

We couldn’t touch the iguana, but he was still neat to look at.

The kids were so excited about meeting these animals and hearing about sharks and octopi which will be coming soon, that they are already begging to go the this aquarium when it opens.


The staff was super friendly and very hopeful for the aquarium to be open soon and to be successful.

SeaQuest 5

We loved the chameleons the most.

All the kids loved touching the chameleon!

All the kids loved touching the chameleon!

We were able to meet Prince Eric and Ariel for their fundraiser today. Our 4 year-old boy was unimpressed and refused to take any pictures with them!

SeaQuest 9

We are very excited about another aquarium in Utah. We have the chance to let you save on a SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Annual Pass. Buy your annual pass to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium right now at pre-construction pricing with an additional 10% off! Your pass is good for an entire year from the time you first visit. Coupon code is “kids rule” at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

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    • The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is currently saying Fall 2016, but they have not given an official open date yet. As soon as we know, we will be sharing on out site, as well as all of our social media, so keep watching! Hopefully it will be soon!