Scera Pool

We decided to try the Scera Pool in Orem this week. It cost us $15 for the four of us to get in, which is about what we pay to go to the local pool. They had a splash pad with lots of spraying toys, but hardly anyone was playing there because the water was really cold.

The splash pad!

There is a large wading pool that gradually gets deeper (from 1 foot to 3 feet). This pool has a small slide and a few water toys like dumping cups. This is definitely where we spent most of our time. Our oldest decided to be really brave and went pretty deep and put his face in the water (well part of his face). The boys loved the slide and just playing in the warm water–it was like a hot tub almost.

The wading pool

We love to slide!

They also have two big slides which the adults ventured on, and our youngest wished he could. They have a pool for swimming laps with some diving boards. There were lots of things to do for everyone. We were impressed with the grounds as well. There were lots of tables, chairs, canopies, lockers, and a great big changing room/bathroom. Perfect for taking little children.

The boys did love to squirt people with this seahorse sprinkler!
Another look at the wading pool, but here you can see the big slides in the background.

We will definitely be taking a trip back to the Scera Pool. We are just sorry we didn’t try it sooner this year!

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  1. Melanie

    What? That place is super cool! We should go.