Scales and Tails Utah

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It was raining and we had to wait outside when we went, but we still had fun!!


We visited Scales and Tails Utah at their warehouse this week. Usually, you will see Scales and Tails Utah doing events and shows with their animals. You can book them for parties and events. We saw them do a show at Thanksgiving Point and it was a lot of fun! They teach about the animals, and let the children (and adults) touch them.


If you don’t want to book a huge show, they have certain hours where they open their warehouse and you can come in and see all their animals and get the chance to touch some of them. They are open Monday & Wednesday nights from 5-8 pm, and Saturdays from 10-4. The cost is $5/adult and $3/children, 2 and under free. When you visit, they let you look and touch, as well as take pictures with the animals.

You can see how they are inside a small building. But that snake is awesome, huh?


We visited on a Wednesday night when it was Free with our Pass of All Passes and it was a little bit crazy. Their warehouse isn’t very large so there was a little bit of a line, and it was a tight squeeze inside, but we still enjoyed looking at all the animals. They have quite a variety of reptiles, and a few spiders. Our boys loved watching the reptiles even in their cages. Many of them were moving around which was fun. The holders would pull out different animals to show and allow people to touch.

We learned a lot about crocodiles!
I was brave and touched the tarantula leg…I’m still slightly traumatized by it.
Our boys loved petting the turtles.
There are a lot of different snakes on this guy. He had one on his head and he was holding two more!


It is much like a pet store as you walk through, but with more interaction. Our boys thought it was amazing. They touched all the animals that were pulled out (a few of us avoided the tarantula). If your kids are into reptiles, this would be a fun adventure to let them explore and learn.

This was the biggest alligator in there.
There was quite a variety of reptiles.
We had fun viewing all the animals.


The lady checking us in said that normally there are just a few people who come in so they are able to get out many more animals and you can get pictures more easily. She also mentioned that they feed the alligator on Monday nights and Saturdays.


Scales and Tails Utah is located in West Valley City at 3584 S 1950 W, Suite 13.

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