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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is an awesome, kid-friendly stop. Our boys, who love old rock and roll, loved every minute of the 3 hours we spent. Though it is a little bit expensive, it was a once in a lifetime stop for us. If you love Rock and Roll, you need to stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We were so excited to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


So, it is expensive. At $35 for those over 12 and $25 for those under, it adds up fast. We did discover a tip that may help you, and we’ll even help you with the math. Our family of 5 got into the Hall for a bit cheaper by becoming members. This is because a membership for two adults and their dependent children was $140. Since the four of us over age 12 would have paid $35 each, which is $140, buying a membership saved us the $25 for our fifth ticket. There are other benefits, too, such as discounts at other museums, and 10% off items in the gift shop and café.

You also have to get tickets in advance. It wasn’t busy when we visited, and we could have gotten them just before walking in, it is wise to reserve your tickets ahead of time. They are timed tickets, so make sure to plan accordingly when reserving tickets.

We loved seeing all of the different outfits, and the variety of guitars.

First Floor

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a pyramid, and you start at the bottom, which is the largest floor. This floor is crammed with artifacts from the history of rock and roll, starting with 1950’s and moving up through modern artists. There was a massive exhibition for the Beatles when we visited, but no matter which artist you like, you’ll find something in this area. We spent more time wandering among these artifacts than we did in the rest of the museum.

We learned a lot about the early history of Rock and Roll, too.
Lots of displays with tons of items to see.
Our oldest was really into Nirvana when we visited.
We are huge Beatles fans, so we were so glad there was a big exhibit about the Beatles when we visited.

Second Floor

The second floor is entirely interactive. This was the area our boys loved. There were instrument stations where you could play your own electric or acoustic guitar, drums, or keyboard. They also had a few pinball machines that were made for certain rock groups. The area where we spent the most time was at the sticker station. Here you could design your own band logo and print a sticker with this new logo. Our boys loved coming up with new band names and designs. All of these activities are free with the cost of admission.

Since we are guitar players this was a fun section for us.
He was born to rock!
We had fun with all of the pinball machines.
This is one of many band logos that we created!

Third Floor

Floor three was dedicated to the induction ceremonies. There were dates and monitors for the special inductions of each person or group in the Hall of Fame. You could watch your favorite band being inducted, or look at their induction plaques. You can also suggest a band to be added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if you feel your favorite is missing.

It was fun finding all of our favorite bands.

Fourth and Fifth Floors

The upper floors were dedicated to rock and roll legends. There were more artifacts in these sections from artists that were more modern, like Taylor Swift, but there were also displays from artists that had been around for along time. The top floor had short videos and modified instruments from guitar legends. We watched how Eddie Van Halen ripped apart multiple guitars and put them back together to get the sound he wanted.

Michael Jackson jackets
Eddie Van Halen’s guitar that he created himself.


We are big fans of music, so our family loved the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There was plenty to see and do, and the museum was surprisingly interactive.

After you walk through the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there is a large gift shop to exit through with plenty of souvenir options. There is also a small cafe located in the museum for snacks and small meal items like salads and sandwiches. This restaurant is located on level 1.

The trickiest park about visiting is parking. We found street parking just a block down from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but those spots fill up fast. There are also a few lots nearby where you can park your car. Check out all of the options, as well as other information, on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website. And you should definitely check out our post about Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which isn’t very far away from this museum.

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  1. Jonathan Nielsen

    Really cool. I’m a guitar player too and would love this place. I used to live in Corona, California and loved to visit the Fender museum and they of course had a bunch of guitars and amps to try out.