10 Restaurants in Heber Valley Worth Visiting

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We are amazed at the number of unique restaurants in Heber Valley. There are a lot of great choices! We love finding good family restaurants, but we also enjoy places to eat that are geared for date nights. This is a list of restaurants in Heber Valley with our reviews and tips.

Dairy Keen

Dairy Keen is our boys favorite restaurant because it is for train lovers. There are model trains, train tables, and train toys in the kids’ meals. The place is always busy because the food is good, inexpensive, and kid-friendly (think burgers, shakes, and fries). Dairy Keen is a definite must if you have train lovers in your family.

Address: 199 S. Main Street, Heber City, UT

Dairy Keen Menu

We always enjoy all the trains at Dairy Keen.

The Old Goat

There is an Old West style village around the Old Goat.

Address: 650 W 100 S, Heber City, UT

The Old Goat Menu

We loved the Taco Tuesday tacos. They were delicious.

Spin Cafe

Our kids loved the Spin fries that were all twisty.

Spin Cafe had some of the best food we ate in Heber Valley. It was a little pricier than other places, but this is number one for us when it comes to a date with your spouse or significant other. We had some amazing lettuce wraps and a burger that was way better than fast food. Best of all, we finished with freshly made gelato that tasted like it game straight out of Italy. Take someone you want to impress to Spin Cafe, or just stop by for some yummy gelato on a hot summer day.

Address: 220 N. Main Street, Heber City, UT

Spin Cafe Menu

You do not want to miss out on the gelato. It is delicious and amazing!

Wasatch Park Cafe

There is indoor and outdoor seating at Wasatch Park Cafe.

Wasatch Park Cafe is found right in Wasatch Mountain State Park on the golf course. We tried breakfast and it was big and hearty. Classic short-order cook stuff like omelets, french toast, and pancakes. The portions were generous, and the food was delicious. The prices were reasonable, which makes this cafe a great family restaurant.

Address: 975 Golf Course Drive, Midway, UT

Wasatch Park Cafe

The breakfast was yummy and filling.

Wildfire Smokehaus

The restaurant is inside the Zermatt Resort.

Wildfire Smokehaus is located in the Zermatt Resort, and it focuses on barbecue fare. We tried the ribs and the beef brisket. This barbecue was just the right amount of spicy! The have a really nice sauce, and plenty of great sides. The beans and the funeral potatoes were our favorites. Wildfire Smokehaus is the place to go for great barbecue in Heber Valley.

Address: 784 W. Resort Drive, Midway, UT

Wildfire Smokehaus Menu

The bbq choices were super good.

Dottie’s Kolaches

Dottie’s Kolaches wins our breakfast award. The have a variety of awesome kolaches (pita-like sandwiches with the filling cooked inside) including both savory and sweet choices. Dad really loved the savory breakfast including ham, eggs, and cheese. Mom preferred the sweet choices made with fruits like strawberry, lemon, and apricot. The price was very reasonable, and the breakfast was unique and pleasantly light. Our kids also loved the huge cinnamon roll. Dottie’s Kolaches also sells specialty drinks and Ruby Snap Cookies.

Address: 95 S. Main Street, Heber City, UT

Dottie’s Kolaches Menu

We really loved the savory breakfast kolaches.

Cafe Galleria

The atmosphere at Cafe Galleria is peaceful and fun.

Cafe Galleria is located in Midway and has excellent gourmet pizza. They have fresh ingredients brought right to your outdoor table. We especially loved the salads which were very large and had a ton of options on vegetables and dressings. Our boys enjoyed the pasta, and we can’t wait to go back to try the wood-fired bagels. There is something at Cafe Calleria for everyone.

Address: 101 W. Main Street, Midway, UT

Cafe Galleria Menu

The pizza was delicious.

Blue Boar Inn

Blue Boar Inn Restaurant was the poshest place we went. We stayed in the Inn for our anniversary and the breakfast was the most amazing we’ve ever had. This top-tier restaurant had steak and eggs that would make your knees buckle. The prices are the highest on our list, but Blue Boar Inn is the perfect place for a splurge when you’re away from the kids.

Address: 1235 Warm Springs Drive, Midway, UT

Blue Boar Inn Menu


Suss Cookies

There were tons of cookies to choose from.

Suss (pronounced like the good Dr. Seuss) is not really a restaurant, but rather a gourmet cookie shop. We stopped at Suss in Midway and tried a dozen different kinds of cookies from lemon to gingerbread before settling on a half dozen to take home. They were all freshly made, all quite large, and all very delicious. They also have a shop in Provo now.

Address: 275 South Center Street, Midway, UT

Suss Cookies Menu

We loved that they had samples sitting out of all the cookie types.

Granny’s Drive In

Granny’s is a classic burger, fries, and shakes place on Main Street in Heber. We’ve been visiting Granny’s since college, and we’ve had dozens of shakes. If you’re up for a short stop for a shake, Granny’s is the number one place in Heber Valley to make a quick stop. This restaurant is only open seasonally, so make sure to check they are open before visiting (usually May-September).

Address: 511 S Main Street, Heber City, UT

Granny’s Drive In Menu

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