Picture This Utah: An Interactive Photo Experience

2020: This event is no longer running.

We love unique adventures, and especially unique Christmas adventures. This year we found a whopper, and it was so much fun. Picture This Utah is a walkthrough picture gallery, and your family is the main subject! Good news, too! Tickets are only $8 if you visit between now and November 23.

The idea behind Picture This is that you walk through a series of photo opportunities, snapping pictures in whatever poses and places that you want. We don’t want to spoil everything, but there was a huge snow globe to pose in, Santa’s sleigh, and an iconic 1960’s living room. Picture This even provides the hats and ugly sweaters! Your job is to pose, take any pictures you want, and above all, have fun!

We loved all the props they had available.
There are so many fun walls and spaces for photos.
We enjoyed coming up with different poses.

The main thing to remember at Picture This, is that you’ll need your camera. We also wished that we’d have come with close friends or extended family, because you take your own pictures. This meant that a lot of our pictures are missing one family member who is behind the camera. It is definitely a good idea to team up with someone for this adventure. You can even bring a professional photographer with you. You’ll just have to buy them a ticket to get in.

We love old 80’s photos!
The boys had fun coming up with their own poses, too!

Another highlight of this adventure is that a lot of the exhibits are interactive. There is a large ball pit for kids to play in, a place to build your own snowman, and a spot to write letters to Santa. Our kids didn’t mind having their pictures taken at all because there were so many fun props and fun activities.

There were plenty of different activities to keep kids happy.
All of the boys wrote a letter and mailed it to Santa!
This huge ball pit was obviously a big hit!
Everyone gets to write on the wall. We liked reading everyone’s wishes for Christmas.
The snowball fight takes place right in front, so mall shoppers will stop and watch you.

Picture This Utah is located at Trolley Square across from Rodizio. The cost is $16 per adult and $12 per child. For this price, you can take as many pictures as you’d like, and spend as long as you’d like. Reserve a time slot on Picture This Utah website. Also, we recommend going early. Our ugly sweater picture is definitely going on our family Christmas card!

There were huge presents to take pictures with.
We really had a blast with the old 60’s living room.

We were given free admission to this venue in exchange for our review. But our opinions are our own, and we are honest and open about our experience.

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