Park Discovery in Cedar City

We love Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove, so when we heard about Park Discovery in Cedar City we knew we had to make a stop. This park is just as fun as we had hoped. Park Discovery is a great park to visit when in Cedar City, or if you’re passing through on a longer drive because it’s located right near the freeway.


Park Discovery is located behind the Iron County School District building, so it is hidden from the main road. Watch for the sign below to find the parking lot and bathrooms. Then follow the trail behind the building and back to the park.

This is the sign to watch for when you are heading to the park.
Next to the parking lot, follow this trail back to Park Discovery.

As soon as we arrived at the park, the boys took off running. They love exploring parks like this where there are tunnels, slides, and fun places to hide. We always play tag or hide-n-seek when we visit fun parks like Park Discovery.

And they are off!
These parks are perfect for kids of all ages to play together.

Park Discovery has a smaller section that is designed for little ones called the Tot Lot. There are smaller climbing areas and toys that are geared toward toddlers. Our four year-old loved driving the boat in this area.

This is the Tot Lot.
Everything is just a little smaller, and there is a sand box over in those blue waves.

The park is made from Trex so it is definitely built to last. There are lots of places to explore including a rocket, boat, and some cars built around the playground. There are bridges to cross, and slides, too.  The are also a few swings. The park has a fence around it, but there are a few places to exit, so you’ll need to let your kids know to stay in the park.

We really liked that there were cars, boats, and rockets.
There are slides and fun places to climb all over.
Even mom has fun crossing the bridges and finding the hidden spots in this park.
The boys loved the slides!
Some people do get nervous at parks like these because you can’t see your kids at all times. We just lay down rules beforehand, and then stick with the littlest one.
There are benches around the park for parents to sit and watch.

The entire park is surrounded by a paved walking trail so you could walk laps while your kids play at the park. There are some tables and benches near the playground, and a large pavilion close by, too. The bathrooms are by the parking lot. There is also a large amphitheater where big groups could gather.


Park Discovery is a fun spot to spend a few hours playing. It’s in great condition and children of all ages will love exploring this exciting park. Park Discovery is located in Cedar City at 2077 West Royal Hunte Drive. If you take exit 57, and head west off the 1-15. Take the first right onto Royal Hunte Drive. Follow this road up the hill, and as it starts to curve, Discovery Park is on the left behind the Iron County School District Building. If you pass the middle school on the left, you went too far!

My future policeman wanted to play here the entire time.
Park Discovery is a fun place to play!

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