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Orem Christmas Lights (near University Mall)

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2014)

We found a short stop in Orem near the University Mall that is worth your time. Just off Orem Blvd. and 1000 South, is a house with a musical light show. Tune to 93.7 and you’ll notice something interesting. The house next door has a few trees that got in on the light show, too. We thought it was odd how one house shared it’s light show with a few trees in an adjacent yard! The show is fun, and the music is nice. We weren’t able to stay to see how many songs are played, but we heard 4 nice tunes.

To get to these lights, take Orem Blvd to 1000 South in Orem. Turn west and drive a half block to 200 East (Yes, 200 East is west of State Street here– just accept it). Turn north (right) and go less than a block. The physical address is 200 East 936 South in Orem. You’ll notice these lights as you get closer, so it’s easy to find.

We wished the car hadn’t been parked in front of the yard, but it was still a great show!

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