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We try to find the best parks throughout Utah, and Oquirrh Park is definitely a fun park to visit. This park has a great toddler playground, as well as a large climbing area for the older kids. Oquirrh Park is perfect for kids of all ages.

Add Oquirrh Park to your list of fun parks.

Toddler Playground

The toddler playground was a big hit, even with my older kids. The play area is set up like a little town. There is a fire station, a home, a store, and restaurant. These areas all have slides and climbing areas, and my boys had so much fun playing and imagining. There are also some other fun toys surrounding this area, including a little trampoline that my boys enjoyed jumping on.

oquirrh park
This toddler play area is adorable.
Oquirrh Park
My boys played for a long time and they are not toddlers anymore.
The fire station was a big hit!
There is a little open area by the toddler play area, and a few swings.
small trampoline at Oquirrh park
This small trampoline was fun, too.

Big Kid Play Area

The larger play area at Oquirrh Park is a huge climbing structure. Our boys enjoyed climbing all over, and going down the large slides. In fact, the only way to go down the slides is to climb on the rope structure. There are no stairs. This was perfect for my older boys. They tried to find different climbing ways to get to the slides. There are also some spinning toys and a zipline in this area. The flooring in both playgrounds is the nice foam pad.

The climbing structure is quite large.
There are 3 large slides that come down from the climbing structure.
Walking between the two areas was a lot of fun!
There were these little seats near the zipline.
Some other spinning and climbing toys near the larger play area
Our older boys love ziplines.

Other Amenities

The park has bathrooms, pavilions, and a big grassy area. A short distance away are some sports fields and a skate park. There are also lots of walking paths.

There are some swings and open areas in the larger playground area.

Oquirrh Park is located behind the Olympic Oval and the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. Both of these are fun adventures on their own, but would be great to pair with this park. If you are looking for other fun parks in the Salt Lake area, use our list of Best Parks in Salt Lake County.

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