Obstacle Warrior Kids

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We used our Get Out Pass to try Obstacle Warrior Kids (get one free hour per month with the pass). Our boys had an amazing time acting as ninjas as they climbed, hung, and swung on the many obstacles.

Kids and adults had fun at Obstacle Warrior Kids.

There are three different areas at Obstacle Warrior Kids: one for toddlers, one for kids 5 and older, and one for youth 12 and up. We spent most of our time in the middle section because that is the age of our children.

There was so much to do at Obstacle Warrior Kids.
This is part of the 12 year and up area.
The 5 and under area is perfect for small kids.

After filling out a waiver, you get a colored wristband that allows you about an hour to try your hand at the obstacles. It starts out with a rope climbing hump (not really a wall). Then there are rings, rungs, and poles for about 50 yards. The highlight is two large sloped walls that require you to run up, grab, and pull yourself up. One of these walls was small enough for the kids, but only Dad managed to scale the higher of the two.

We were impressed with how strong our boys were.
Scaling the wall was fun, but tricky!

The boys loved jumping from pad to pad and climbing, and Mom and Dad did, too. The problem was, that many of the obstacles require a lot of upper body strength, and we middle-aged people don’t have much of that anymore! The kids were able to do these obstacles in most cases, though.

The boys loved when Dad joined in the action.
Mom had fun trying the different activities, too.

After a little while, our kids made their way over to the dodgeball rooms. Many people don’t know that with today’s dodgeballs, it is almost impossible to get hurt. Even Dad throwing hard at our 6 year-old didn’t sting. We had fun pelting each other for a little while.

Dodge Ball is a great break from all the running and climbing.

The workers at Obstacle Warrior Kids were so nice. They helped our 6 year-old multiple times while he was struggling to complete the different obstacles. It was nice to have extra helpers walking around to help the kids as they practiced their ninja skills. Also, the set-up is really nice inside the building for adults. If you don’t want to participate, there are comfy chairs and couches all around the obstacles so you can watch your kids.

The workers were so kind and helpful to our children.
They helped all the kids learn how to do the different skills.
Everyone was grateful for the comfy spots to sit and watch.

We’d like to make Obstacle Warrior Kids a regular part of our routine. That way, we might get that upper body strength back. Besides, by the time we left we were laughing, sweating, and planning our next visit!

Tips for Families

  • Bring water bottles. There are drinking fountains, but we wished we had brought our own refillable water bottles.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You will be running, jumping, and many other exercise activities, so wear clothes you can move in.
  • Wear shoes and socks. These are required for participating on the obstacles.




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