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North Pole Festival | Salt Lake City

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2021)

There is a new light show in town called the North Pole Festival. Located right at Rio Tinto Stadium, this is a large walking light show that includes tunnels, walls, trees, and a few fun activities. We recently visited North Pole Festival, and our boys enjoyed the lights, and especially the games. Use our code Adventure15 to save 15% off.

The lights are set up right in front of Rio Tinto Stadium.

There are over 1.5 million lights at North Pole Festival, which makes for some amazing places to take fun photos with your families. We really liked walking through all the tunnels. The large Christmas trees also have tunnels, so everyone can walk through the trees as well. One of the highlights of the North Pole Festival is a large area with stepping stone lights. As you step on the lights, they change color and there are a ton of them. Our kids loved leaping and hopping across these lights.

The tunnels are amazing.
Walking through the Christmas trees is so fun.
The bright colors make the show so fun.
The stepping stones are a highlight of this adventure.
There are so many great spots to take photos.

Our boys really enjoyed the physical activities. Rio Tinto’s miniature soccer stadium is open and lit. The boys played soccer and threw snowballs in the mini soccer field that is set up. They also spent some time with the mini-golf soccer game that is a permanent part of the stadium. We also had fun hula hooping in front of the bright lights.

The activities are great for kids.
It’s definitely magical to hula hoop surrounded by sparkly lights.
This soccer mini golf and a few playgrounds are part of the adventure, but also permanent features at Rio Tinto.

In another section of North Pole Festival, there is a movie screen set up. Trivia questions and Christmas movie clips alternate as you sit and warm up under the heating elements. Hot chocolate is sold nearby, and we sat and chatted on the benches for quite a while with friends.

We also took a few minutes to write letters to Santa. They have cute little mailboxes set up for children to mail their letters to Santa. Kids can also color an ornament or other crafts at this same table. There is hot chocolate and a few other treats for purchase.

Make sure to stop and write letters to Santa.

North Pole Festival was a little pricey. At close to a hundred dollars for our family of five, it was a bit of a splurge, but we spent over an hour walking through the lights and taking pictures. There are quite a few spots to snuggle up with your family or loved one and take a Christmas Card ready photograph. You also have to pay $10 for parking.

Use our code Adventure15 to save 15% off tickets through the holidays. They have also added $5 Tuesdays, which is a great deal for families.

We really enjoyed the fun light displays and the festive music playing in the background. Check out North Pole Festival if you’re looking for a new interactive light display this holiday season.

Bring a camera to capture great Christmas photos.
North Pole Festival is filled with Christmas Light trees.
This event is fun for families.

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