North Pole Festival | Salt Lake City

No info for 2023. I don’t think it’s happening this year. I’ll update if I hear differently.

North Pole Festival is a new light show in Utah. Located right inside America First Stadium, this is a large walking light show that includes tunnels, trees, a stadium light show, and a few fun activities. We visited North Pole Festival, and our boys enjoyed the lights, and especially the games.

The lights are set up right inside of Rio Tinto Stadium.

There are over 1.5 million lights at North Pole Festival, which makes for some amazing places to take fun photos with your families. We really liked walking through the tunnel, and we also enjoyed the fun selfie stations set up with tripods to set your phone camera. The large Christmas trees also have tunnels, so everyone can walk through the trees as well. One of the highlights of the North Pole Festival is a large area with stepping stone lights. As you step on the lights, they change color and there are a ton of them. Our kids loved leaping and hopping across these lights.

The tunnel makes a great spot for photos.
The lights are more spread out this year inside the stadium.
There are lots of places for fun photos.
The stepping stones are a big hit.
We loved all the bright lights.
Walking through the light displays is a great part of North Pole Festival.
They have added little selfie stations, which is awesome for taking family photos.
Here’s how our photo turned out.

Our boys really enjoyed the physical activities. On the west side of the America First Stadium, there are a bunch of mini games for families to play. The boys played soccer and threw snowballs. They also fun hula hooping, connect 4, corn hole, and jump ropes. We spent a lot of time playing here together.

The activities are great for kids and adults.
All of the games are in one spot on the far side of the stadium.

The big highlight of North Pole Festival for 2022 is the large stadium light show. There are lights covering the seats and the field, and these lights move to the music. Some of the songs include movie clips played on the large screen in the stadium, too. We sat in the empty seats and watched the light show as the colors changed and different patterns showed on the lights.

The new stadium light show is the big change to North Pole Festival this year.
There are lots of colors and fun movie clips on the big screen.

We also took a few minutes to write letters to Santa. Kids can also color an ornament or other crafts at this same table. And make sure to grab some free 3-D glasses to use while watching the light show.

Hot chocolate and other treats are sold at the concessions stands. There are also heaters throughout the displays where you can take time to warm up.

Make sure to stop and write letters to Santa.
These activities and glasses are part of admission.

North Pole Festival is a little pricey, but we are glad they added a family pack this year. The family pack is $58 and it gets in 6 people. That is a great deal.Parking is free this year. Purchase tickets on their website.

We really enjoyed the fun light displays and the festive music playing in the background. Check out North Pole Festival if you’re looking for a new interactive light display this holiday season.

Bring a camera to capture great Christmas photos.

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  1. Morgan

    The link on their website to buy tickets doesn’t work. Do you know if its happening this year? Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      I don’t think that it is happening. The dates aren’t updated and the link isn’t working. I haven’t heard anything from there either. Sorry!