Newspaper Rock

Newspaper Rock!

Newspaper Rock is located just outside the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. It is worth the 10 minute stop if you are heading to Needles, and it may be the highlight of your trip out this way.

The oldest petroglyphs on Newspaper Rock are said to be 2,000 years old. Of course, the man shooting the bow from the back of a horse was drawn much later than that. There are many pictures in one place, possibly the highest concentration in the world for such a small area. Over 650 individual pictures adorn this 20 x 10 foot piece of rock. Many are from ancient times (Fremont and Anasazi) while others are more modern (Navajo).

We’ve seen quite a few petroglyphs in this area, but one thing we like about Newspaper Rock is how well preserved it is. There is not really any damage to this panel. This is surprising since it is basically a roadside stop without any hiking at all.

Newspaper Rock is located on Highway 211. This highway starts 15 miles north of Monticello or 40 miles south of Moab. Drive 13 miles west on Highway 211. There are lots of signs!

The petroglyphs wrap around the entire rock face here.
We liked the deer with huge antlers.
The boys like the archer shooting a deer…of course.

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