New Hogle Zoo Exhibits

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2018)

We went to check out the new exhibits at the Hogle Zoo today. Starting June 1st, the zoo has opened a new “wing” with Pacific Corridor animals. They have (more) bald eagles, polar bears, otters, seals, sea lions, and grizzly bears. The layout is awesome! You can see the animals from several different angles including above and below the water.

Our boys loved seeing the Bald Eagles.

The river otters are so playful and fun to watch.

There is a fun log to crawl through, and a Bald Eagles’ nest to sit in!

We love that you can get up close to see the animals.

There are different shows throughout the day, so check the map when you arrive.

Seeing the seals underwater was exciting. 

Apparently grizzly bears are great climbers!

Inside the building, you can be right next to the bears.

The polar bear was putting on quite a show!

We really like the new exhibits. We spent 3 hours and didn’t see most of the stuff at the zoo. If this keeps up, it will take a whole day to see it all!


There are so many awesome spots at Hogle Zoo. Since this post was written, they have added a playground and also an African Savannah! We love that Hogle Zoo is always adding and improving this amazing zoo.


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