Near Zero Little Dean Backpack

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Our boys have been asking to go on an overnight backpacking trip since they were little. This seems terrifying to us as adults. How do you carry tents, bedding, food, water, and all the supplies you need for a family of five on your back? It feels so overwhelming and we had no idea what gear we needed or where to start. Luckily, we found a company called Near Zero. They sent us the Little Dean bundle to take on an overnight camping trip with our kids. We are thrilled that the bundle has everything we need in one spot. The Near Zero Little Dean backpack is built just for kids, and is perfect for beginners.

Perfect size for kids.

Near Zero Camping Gear

Near Zero is a small business camping gear shop. They have a lot of great camping gear for overnight backpacking trips, so we were excited when we got more than just a backpack. Near Zero has created a variety of camping bundles that come with a lot of the necessary supplies. The bundle we ordered had everything we needed to go on an overnight trip except food, water, and personal items.

The Little Dean bundle comes with 8 items.
Look how light this sleeping bag is?

Little Dean: for kids

The bundle we ordered was called Little Dean. It came with a backpack, sleeping pad, pillow, sleeping bag, water bladder, compass, spork, and headlamp. All of these items are perfect for our boys, and they each carry their own. The backpack is just the right size for kids so they aren’t carrying too much weight as they hike into the woods. It has lots of zippers and pockets to store all sorts of things. There is plenty of room for their clothes, personal items, and a bit of food, even with the bundle stuff listed above.

Just the right size for our 11 year old. The pack pictured is holding all the items in the bundle.

One of our favorite features of the Near Zero Little Dean backpack is that each area is labeled for the bundle items. This helps keep the backpack neat and orderly. There are labels for sleeping bag, pad, headlamp, etc. It also makes it easy to find things when you are looking for them later.

I love the labeled areas of the backpack.

We haven’t had a chance to try this out in the woods yet, but we are planning to take our first overnight backpacking trip this summer. We will definitely be using the Little Dean backpack for our youngest boys. Then Mom and Dad can haul the heavy tent and other items. Check out Near Zero for other camping needs like light weight chairs and tents built just for backpacking.

We can’t wait to try it in the woods!

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