Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon

The Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon is the most popular trail in the park. It is short, steep, beautiful, and very busy!

If you have the stamina to make this 1.3 mile loop, you should definitely do it, as this is the best hike in the park. The distance may not be daunting, but the climb can be fairly strenuous. Remember: At Bryce Canyon every hike starts overlooking a large amphitheater and hikes down. They all have to come back up out of the canyon!

Navajo Loop 3

The best way to do the Navajo Loop hike is by starting down Wall Street slot canyon. The hike is actually a lollipop, so you start at Sunset Point. The trail leads down and splits after less than 100 yards. You will see Thor’s Hammer to the left, but go to the right down Wall Street. It switches back and travels nearly straight down to the valley floor. This canyon is not nearly so narrow as many of the other slots in southern Utah, but it is nicely shaded and there are some cool features.

Navajo Loop 2
Watch for this sign near Sunset Point.
Navajo Loop 1
That’s the trail you’ll be climbing back up.

First, there is a short side trail (50 yards) that leads to a window overlooking an adjacent canyon. As you walk down the switchbacks, you will walk through a small tunnel/archway. This was one of our boys’ favorite things. Once you reach the bottom of the canyon, there is also a massive tree that towers above the trail straight up along the rock walls.

Navajo Loop 6
The trail splits and you’ll head right toward this window. Our boys were running down the trail, so we didn’t walk over to look through at the Hoodoos.
Navajo Loop 4
It is amazing to walk through Bryce Canyon. This hike is so awesome (at least when you’re going down!)
Navajo Loop 5
Can you see those people down there? They are so tiny compared to the mighty Hoodoos.
Navajo Loop 7
Our boys said this was their favorite hike in Bryce Canyon.
Navajo Loop 10
This is the slot canyon you’ll walk through on this hike.
Navajo Loop 9
The switchbacks are very steep.
Navajo Loop 8
We loved walking through this little archway.
Navajo Loop 11
These two tall trees at the end of Wall Street are awesome.

After you reach the bottom of the canyon, the trail loops around and climbs up the Navajo Trail. To complete the loop, you must make a left turn and climb back out of the canyon. Again, this isn’t very long, but it is a climb, a VERY steep climb. This hike is amazing though because you are walking right among the Hoodoos. You will also pass under the Two Bridges on your way back to Sunset Point and Thor’s Hammer.

Navajo Loop 12
The hike flattens out, but you are still walking through some amazing Utah rock formations.
Navajo Loop 14
Soon you will come to this sign. You can head up the steep climb back to Sunset Point. You will pass Two Bridges and Thor’s Hammer on the way back up. This is the rest of the Navajo loop. Or you can head toward Queen’s Garden.
Navajo Loop 13
You will come across this Hike the Hoodoos sign. Read all the details on our Bryce Canyon post.

As an alternate to climbing back up the Navajo Trail, you can also turn left, but then right. This will take you through the Queen’s Garden. This adds a significant distance to the trail (3.0 miles round trip), and it brings you up at Sunrise Point. From there, you can make the easy walk along the Rim Trail back to your starting point at Sunset Point. This is the way we hiked the Navajo Trail & Queen’s Garden.

Navajo Loop 15
The trail between the Wall Street and Navajo is very flat.
Navajo Loop 17
There are so many fun places to explore on this trail.
Navajo Loop 16
Can you spot our boys? They loved climbing in every crack and crevice along the way.
Navajo Loop

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