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National Park Free Days 2021

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2021)

A new year means a new list of free entrance days for the National Parks. We love visiting National Parks, Monuments, and sites. There are now over 400 national sites to visit in the United States. Here are the National Park Free Days 2021.

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Free admission days are a great way to visit a National Park near you, or one you’ve been hoping to visit. These days can be busy and crowded depending on their popularity and location. If avoiding crowds is your things, then you might consider using one of the following passes instead.

Boy holding Every Kid Outdoors Pass.
We love when our boys are in 4th grade.
  • Annual Pass: $80. We have found that if we are going to visit more than one National Park in a year, which we almost always do, this pass is worth it. And you are supporting the National Parks System.
  • Military Pass: Free for current and veteran US Military members and their dependents.
  • Every Kid Outdoors Pass: Free for every current 4th grader from September – August of their school year. And through August 2021, 5th graders still qualify for this pass because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Senior Pass: There are actually two different passes for US citizens or permanent residents ages 62 or older.
    • $80 Lifetime Senior Pass
    • $20 Annual Senior Pass
  • Access Pass: Free for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities. Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship. For more information, visit the National Parks Pass website.
  • Volunteer Pass: Free for a year for volunteers who have volunteered 250 hours in one of the national sites.
Delicate Arch
Arches National Park on the January free entrance day.

We are so lucky to live here in Utah where we have 5 amazing National Parks and 10 other National Monuments/Sites. We were able to visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument this year. It was the last National Site that we needed to check off our list in Utah, and it was worth it. For details on all the Utah National Parks and Sites, search our website or check out our Utah National Parks tag.

Lower Falls at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

There are also many National Parks that are close by Utah and make great vacations. Great Basin is often called Utah’s 6th National Park (by us) but it’s so close to Utah it is almost our park. And we also love Yellowstone and Grand Teton. They are just 5 hours from SLC and beautiful.

We hope that your family finds time to be in the National Parks this year, whether it’s on a National Park Free Day or some other time. These spots are beautiful and worth visiting.

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park

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  • We’re lucky to have a fourth grader this year, and also next year. Two kids less than two years apart. This past fall 2020 we already used our free pass to visit Cedar Breaks National Monument, Canyonlands National Park, and Maple Canyon in Sanpete County. And we plan to visit a few more locales in 2021 with it, then will get another pass for September 2021 to August 2022.