Monster Jam: Everything You Need to Know

After many years of hearing about Monster Jam, we finally made it to a show. And guess what? We loved it. Our kids (ages 17, 14, and 11) thought it was so cool, and we were sitting by a bunch of families with young kids who also loved it. Monster Jam is a great event for families because it appeals to a bunch of different ages.

These are the huge trucks participating in Monster Jam.

What is Monster Jam?

I had no idea what to expect when I went, so I want to explain a little bit about Monster Jam. It is not trucks smashing into each other like a demolition derby. Yes, that is what I thought it was. 🤣 Monster Jam is definitely about huge trucks. Like really huge trucks with tires that are 7 feet tall. Each truck has a name and is decorated to match the name such as Monster Mutt, which looks like a dog! The trucks meet at Monster Jam to compete in different competitions. But there is no crashing involved!

Warning: The trucks are super loud! Someone recommended bringing ear plugs, and we were so glad that we did. Others around us also had headphones to help block out the sound.

We were glad we were at the outdoor arena.
This truck is named and designed as a dragon!

First Event: Racing

The first event is racing. Two trucks race at a time and the winners move on in the bracket until only one truck is awarded the points for being the fastest. There is a certain track that they must follow, which involves going around some tight curves and ending with a big jump. Some of the races were super close, so it was exciting to watch them make the last jump and guess who was first across the finish line.

These two trucks are ready to race!
It’s exciting to see who will cross the finish line first!

Second Event: Skills

The next event is where the monster trucks get to show off their skills. They can do donuts, balance on their front or back tires, and lots of other different tricks. Each driver chooses what they are going to do based on their strengths, so it was fun to see what each truck ended up doing.

In order to make this interactive, fans in the arena get to rate each truck and driver on their skills. After each truck competed their turn, the audience had 20 seconds to give them a score from 1-10 using their smart phone. Our kids loved choosing which number we would submit as a family.

Watching the trucks balance and then drive forward was amazing.
Lots of tricks involved not tipping on their side.
How far can you tip without ending up tipped over?
This truck needs a little help!

Third Event: Free Style

The final event is free style, and it is definitely the most exciting. Every truck has a full two minutes to show off! They do all sorts of crazy jumps and flips and spins. There are a lot of trucks that end up on their sides or even upside down. Luckily, they bring out tractors to flip them back over. The audience gets to rate the drivers for this event, too. Then they combine all of the scores for one grand champion.

The freestyle part was the best!
Look how much air these trucks can get! It’s awesome.
Watching the trucks do backflips was incredible.

Tips for Monster Jam

Sometimes Monster Jam is sometimes inside the Delta Center, but at other times it is outside at Rice-Eccles Stadium. We attend the outdoor event and we had a wonderful time. Many of our readers told us that the indoor event is different because they have a smaller space to work with and it is a lot louder. So consider those things when purchasing tickets. Here are our tips for attending Monster Jam:

  • Arrive early: They have all sorts of different things happening the hour before the show starts. We only made it with about 10 minutes to spare, so we missed the pre-show.
  • Bring ear protection: Even outdoors, we all put in our ear plugs. The sound from those trucks starts to wear on your ears. For little kids, this can be overwhelming, so bring headphones or ear plugs to help keep out the noise. Do not skip this one!!
  • Stay to the end: Lots of people took off before the last truck drove, and he was one of the best performers. Don’t miss out on any of the awesome tricks, by trying to beat the traffic!
  • Consider the pit party: Lots of our readers recommended the pit party to us. We weren’t able to come that early, but if you pay a little bit extra you can come to an early event and meet the drivers and get up close with the trucks. If you have a big truck lover, this could be a really cool event.
  • Bring your phone: You’ll want to take pictures and videos, but most importantly it is so fun to judge the trucks. Our boys thought this was one of the best parts. So bring your phone charged and ready to go.
  • Check the bag policy: Every stadium is different, so make sure to check what is allowed at the stadium you are attending.
  • Bring a jacket: We were so glad we had a jacket once the sun went down since we were outside. Definitely dress for whatever weather is happening, and if you are indoors, still consider a jacket. They keep the stadiums cool because of the trucks heat, so you might want a jacket even indoors.
Zombie won the overall competition when we attended!

Have so much fun! We really enjoyed Monster Jam and can’t wait to visit again. If you are looking for other things to do in Utah, check out our latest on our blog.

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