Moki Dugway

The Moki Dugway is one of the most extreme drives in the Western US. It was constructed by a mining company back in the 50s as a shortcut for transporting uranium. Later, the state of Utah took over this section of the highway and named it Route 261.

The dugway itself is short and climbs fast. A series of switchbacks takes you back and forth hugging the cliffside as you scale the open face of the Mesa. The ride is short, only a few miles, but the road is narrow and gravel, and the view is stunning.

It’s hard to get good pictures because you can’t really stop or pull to the side because of the narrowness of the road. We did manage to snap a few pictures on this incredible drive, but this is an adventure you have to see to get the full effect.

If you get a chance, try the Moki Dugway located on Route 261 between State Road 95 (near Natural Bridges National Monument) and Highway 163 (by Mexican Hat).

The road is cut into that cliff ahead.
Can you see the red car on the Moki Dugway above us?
You could see a long ways from the top of the climb.
There’s that red car again! We loved driving the Moki Dugway.

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