Midway Ice Castles

We are so excited that we were able to visit the Ice Castles here in Utah again. The Midway Ice Castles have moved locations and are at the Homestead Resort in Midway, and tickets are on sale now. We have a discount code, so make sure to check below for the current discount.

Here we are getting ready to explore the Ice Castles!

We always have a wonderful time at the Ice Castles this year. The grounds are large and can accommodate more people than their previous locations. Some years we have had to wait in huge lines even to get into the Ice Castles, but this year we walked right in and the longest line we had was about 20 minutes for the big slide (which was worth it). We didn’t feel too crowded, and we were glad we stayed away from the later night times because that is when most people like to visit. Besides, we love to come in the late afternoon so we can explore in the light, but also be there when the lights start to come on.

The Ice Castle have lots of places to explore.
Walking through the ice castles is amazing!
Keep an eye out for the workers. They are the magic makers of the Ice Castle.

There is always a lot to see and do at the Midway Ice Castles. The smaller slides were really fun because they were built in tunnels. Our kids loved this, and even Mom and Dad squeezed through the small tunnels to slide down. There was also a fountain in the middle that was especially beautiful all lit up. There were tons of archways and places to sit for pictures. We loved looking at all the icicles and admiring the work that it takes to create such a magical place.

There are tons of fun places to take pictures.
It’s fun standing in the archways right under the huge icicles.
The slides are always a little bit different every year.
We try to find all of the slides and go down!
Mom squeezed through once.
Make sure to walk through all the openings, tunnels, and walkways.

There is usually a line for the big slide, but it is so fun! Every year they create a new big slide to try, so we look forward to seeing what the ice creates this year. Just so you know there are no lap riders allowed, and they usually have a height limit for the big slides.

There is an overview on the way up to the big slide one year.
You can also get close to the top of the Ice Castle while waiting in line for the slide.
The mats help you zip down the slide!

Once the lights kick on, the place has an entirely different feel. This year there is also music playing inside the castle, and the lights seem to shift with the music. We love seeing the different colors, and watching how the ice castles change when the sun goes down. Seeing the ice castles during the day is definitely different than after dark.

This large ice sculpture was beautiful all lit up!
The fountain is really fun to see in the night time lights.
Our boys love seeing all the different colors that pop up in the ice.
The Ice Castle looks completely different in the dark. We love seeing it in both lights.
We love visiting the Midway Ice Castles.
Family Tips for the Midway Ice Castles:
  • Wear Boots! This is a must. There is a lot of snow and ice to tromp through, so everyone will be happier in boots. On occasion, your foot goes into a soft spot and you sink ankle deep, so be prepared.
  • Wear Gloves! I also think this is a must. Mostly because you want to touch the ice, right? Well, your kids will definitely touch it, so to keep them from freezing hands, wear gloves.
  • Wear other snow gear–we had our boys wear their snow pants and coats, hats and scarves. I do not think these are a necessity, especially during the day, but we were all much happier with this gear on, especially when the night came.
  • Use a sled for small children. We saw many people pulling little kids around in sleds. This is such a smart idea since strollers won’t work through the ice chunks, and then you don’t have to haul them around the whole time.
  • Bring dry socks. Whenever we participate in any snow activities with our boys, I throw an extra pair of socks in the car. Sometimes we don’t use them, but a lot of times after playing in the snow, their socks ended soaking wet (even with boots on), and once you put that dry pair of socks on, everyone is a lot more pleasant.
  • Plan to spend 1 1/2 – 2 hours in the Ice Castles, so make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom and eaten a snack before you head in. And then afterward, go get lunch, dinner, or hot chocolate!
  • Make a day of it and stop for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Heber City, Dairy Keen.
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  1. Heather

    Oh man I’m so sad. When I went to buy my tickets with the coupon code it said the coupon usage limit had been reached:(

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Oh really! I’m so sorry. We hadn’t heard anything about it being used up. We will see if we can find out more info, and we will let you know if anything changes.