McPolin Farm Nature Trail

As you drive through Park City, you’ll notice a big, white barn on the west side of the road. The McPolin Farm has been preserved by Park City as a permanent historical site. We’ve written more about a walking tour of the farm, but there is also a nice, family-friendly nature trail that starts behind McPolin Farm.

To access the McPolin Farm Nature Trail, go to the “top” of the farm. There is a paved trail leading in each direction. Go right along the paved trail, but not very far. Watch for a dirt trail on the left side of the trail. There is a sign at the trailhead that gives some information about McPolin Farm Trail. From this point, the trail is a 1 mile loop.

Walk up from the farm to this sign.
Follow the signs for the Farm Trail.
The trail is clearly marked with signs. This is where you turn off the paved path.

The trail is well-defined and easy to follow, and though it goes gently uphill, it is never steep nor difficult. In fact, this trail is perfect for toddlers and first time hikers.

The McPolin Farm Nature Trail features ten signs that help little ones stay engaged. There is information about animals, simple activities like listening to the aspens, and other fun stuff, so make sure to read each sign to the kids. They offer great breaks along the way.

The trail begins in the open, but heads into the trees pretty quickly.
There are lots of fun nature signs.
Some of the signs have benches to rest.

The trail weaves in and out of the trees, but it is mostly shaded. There is also a lot of wildlife along the trail. We saw chipmunks, squirrels, butterflies and a snake as we walked along, and this kept even our littlest ones interested in the hike. There are also a few small bridges over a creek, which makes the trail a little exciting.

The trees offer some shade, but it was hot in the middle of the summer!
We loved all the fun bridges along the trail, too.

At the end of the nature trail, there is a short climb on the paved path back to the farm. This adds about 1/3 of a mile to your hike. Plan about 1.5 miles RT for the entire walk from the farm, on the loop, and back to the barn.

After you finish the loop, turn right and head back to the farm.
The walk back to McPolin Farm is slightly uphill.
Soon you’ll see the farm, and you’re almost done.

If you are looking for a short nature walk near Park City, McPolin Farm Nature Trail is easy, uncrowded, and beautiful. The parking for the farm and trail is on Highway 24 in Park City.

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